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1910, 2020

The CowCare October action continues, the last 15 days left.


Don’t forget about our action with the Hoof-Tite COLD glue for October. Buy two boxes of Hoof-Tite COLD glue and get 100 wooden blocks (11 cm) for free. This is cumulative, so with 48 COLD cartridges you get 200 wooden blocks etc etc.
So take your chance and stock up with Hoof-Tite COLD and free wooden blocks!

Action works for the hoof trimmer pricelist and for all orders made between

01-10-2020 and 31-10-2020.

Luckily most hoof trimmers we know don’t worry about cold weather, because they are used to work with the Hoof-Tite COLD glue!

🍁 The COLD formula is specially made for use at lower (colder) temperatures.
🍁 210 ml dual chamber/2-components cartridge.
🍁 A fast mixing tip system.
🍁 strength 90kg/cm².
🍁 Sets fast; in 20 till 30 seconds, even in lower (cold) temperatures.
🍁 Airtight storage; minimizes mess and waste.
🍁 Ideal for Rubber/PU & Wooden Blocks.
🍁 Indoor usage possible, no harmful odours.

More info about the Hoof-Tite COLD glue.

1510, 2020

Face protection for hoof trimmers


As the COVID amounts are rising again we would like to inform you about the face masks we at CowCare have available. The face protection should be protecting the eyes, nose and mouth and should be also open enough to not make it sweaty or difficult to wear.
Price: € 8,50 per piece ex VAT.
Ordering is simple: Whatsapp/Phone 00371 2917 2713 or by email: info@cowcare.eu .
1310, 2020

BARH&CARE foot bath liquid for in your cows foot bath!


Our sales manager Elina is these weeks busy delivering BATH&CARE foot bath liquid to our clients. We see a fast rising demand for BATH&CARE from dairy farmers in Latvia and other countries. The autumn season is a season in which digital dermatitis is strong and causes lots of problems in dairy herds. A product which does what it promises and helps the dairy farmer in reaching his/her goal is welcome. Our BATH&CARE products has showed its effect already last year and the word-of-mouth commercial from farmer to farmer did the rest.

BATH&CARE foot bath solution is a non-antibiotic hoof care product for bovine and ovine animals and comes packed in 20 or 1000 litre. BATH&CARE is easy to use and to apply, simply check the CowCare foot bath protocol on our website. This product should be used every 2 till 4 weeks in a foot bath for 2 following days.
BATH&CARE is also available for hoof trimmers, so you can sell it to your clients. Ask us for more info.

More information about BATH&CARE you can find here: https://cowcare.eu/product/bathcare-foot-bath-solution/
Check also our footbath planning protocol here: https://cowcare.eu/product/bathcare-foot-bath-solution/

For questions and inquiries about this product, please contact us by phone/whatsapp on 00371 2917 2713 or send an email to info@cowcare.eu .

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