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1411, 2019

Informative Italian claw health symposium


Last week the symposium “La salute del piede” (trans: the claw health) was organized for Italian veterinarians, hoof trimmers and farmers in Parma and Milan.

Both days were visited by more then 50 active participants and the symposium was organized by Viking Genetics and Genesi Projects in cooperation with CowCare Italia. During the two interesting and good visited days in Parma an Milan the focuss was on claw health in general. Specific topics addressed were animal welfare, claw health illnesses and the economic loss for dairy farms. For all our clients which were not able to particpate we have made a short movie with an impression of both days which you can find below or on our YouTube channel.

During the day all the participants had the possibility to get informed about the different models of hoof trimming chutes CowCare Italia offers on the Italian market and also about the different products we offer. During the live demonstrations DD-Delete, TAPE&CARE bandages, TP blocks and our Hoof-Tite COLD glue were used.

Big thanks to Viking Genetics, Genesi Projects, the speakers and CiaoLatte and Bonetti Farm for the excellent organization of these days. We also want to thank all visitors and specially two of our clients for showing their hoof trimming chutes during these interesting days.

1111, 2019

Klauenpflege Klewin picked up his rental chute (model SA0051) from us


Nico is a certified hoof trimmer in the north of Germany who starts from the 1st of November his own hoof trimming company. He will use our rental chute till the moment his new chute will be delivered by CowCare. We wish him lots of working fun and a lot of good clients.

p.s. Within 2 weeks we will also offer a KVK 800-1 with trailer and gates for rental. Keep an eye on our website for availability.

For more information about rental chutes, check here: https://cowcare.eu/hoof-trimming-chutes-for-rent/

611, 2019

Review BoviBond Symposium 2019


On 11 and 12 October 2019, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Leipzig opened its doors to the BoviBond Symposium 2019. Since then, some time has passed, and the first impressions have been processed. In the following summary we would like to take a closer look at individual aspects of the BoviBond Symposium 2019.

Thursday, October 10th

Before the actual conference, the participants were able to gain in-depth knowledge of work placement, such as workplace design, anatomy of the claw or the current state of research.

By dividing the participants into small working groups, the lecturers were able to respond very specifically to individual needs and questions.

Noteworthy highlights were, for example, insights into the anatomy and the personal preparation of claws, as well as the practice-oriented information and presentations from the perspective of research and praxis.

Friday, 11th of October

On Friday it went on early. By the today arriving Hooftrimmer, farmers and other interested, a fresh wind blew into the rooms of the University of Leipzig.

After a short welcome, a series of very interesting lectures started. The focus of the presentations was not only on the events around the claw care also self-organization of hoof trimmers and methods how to properly include their customers – the farmer – were discussed.

Afterwards, the before learned could be deepened in practice-orientated workshops. The commitment of the speakers was very positive. They took enough time during each workshop to respond to critical questions of the participants intensively and expertly.

At the end of the day, a BBQ on the campus rounded off the evening and invited to discuss the impressions of the day with a beer and to get to know each other.

Saturday, 12th of October

As on the previous day, today’s lectures provided a wide-ranging insight and stimulus for new ideas about the way work design as a hooftrimmer.

In brief, the BoviBond Symposium 2019 is to be considered as an event that has managed to deliver the current state of research to its participants by means of interesting lectures and hands-on workshops.

At this point, we would like to thank the organizers, the staff of the University of Leipzig and the students of the veterinary faculty for the organisation.

We are looking forward to the next event.  Thank you!

  1. 7th National Show Blonde d’Aquitaine

    November 22 @ 7:00 pm - November 23 @ 7:00 pm

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