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312, 2020

Happy clients! SA61 RS hoof trimming chute delivered


Last week we shipped out a demo SA61 Rapid Setup which we had for sale. This chute has a good amount of extra options on it. Beginning this week we got some pictures back from some very excited and happy hoof trimmers. They were very happy with the chute and ofcourse it has been put to work directly.

We didn’t want to withhold this photo from you.That’s where we work for; happy clients!

For more information about the SA61 Rapid Setup, check here: https://cowcare.eu/product/sa0061-h-hoof-trimming-crush-chute-cows/
Or maybe you are more interested in the SA61 Track Drive, click here: https://cowcare.eu/product/sa0061-track-drive-h-hoof-trimming-crush-chute/
Also looking for a second hand hoof trimming chute for under your Christmas tree, click here: https://cowcare.eu/second-hand-hooftrimming-crushes/

112, 2020

Christmas action at CowCare!


We start December with our yearly CowCare Christmas action!

Every client which places an order for € 250,- or more in products in the period between 01-12-2020 and 15-01-2021 gets one CowCare Christmas box for FREE with his/her order*.

The CowCare Christmas box contains: CowCare Toolbox, DD-Delete, White Line DD-Delete, TP block try-out kit (TP BLOCK blue normal, TP BLOCK orange original, IRON BLOCK).

* Conditions:

– One CowCare Christmas box per order.

– Available as long as they are on stock.

We wish you a great December holiday time!

2711, 2020

The last days left for CowCare November action!


Our November action is ready to launch: Order for € 250,- or more in products and get a pair of curved magnetic hoof knives from CowCare for FREE. This is the ideal moment to test them!

Product features at a glance:

  • Blade: curved (drop)
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Very sharp straight blade
  • Handle: multi-colored heavy wood-red
  • Guarantees an optimum grip and power transmission through its ergonomically shape
  • A magnet embedded into the handle


  • Knife length: 20,4 cm; thickness: 2 cm
  • Blade length: 6,5 cm

More info about the CowCare hoof trimming knife (CURVED blade) you find here:

RIGHT: https://cowcare.eu/product/cowcare-hoof-knife-with-magnet-curved-blade-right/

LEFT: https://cowcare.eu/product/cowcare-hoof-knife-with-magnet-curved-blade-left/

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