Two months ago we started introducing the Hoof-Tite MAX MIX on the market and since then we have seen a large growth in clients. The simple patented clip on system of the mixing tips and the excellent quality of the glue makes the Hoof-Tite MAX MIX superior in the market.
Because we would like to thank our loyal clients and want to give everyone a chance to try out the Hoof-Tite MAX MIX we have made the following action which will run from 15-06-2017 till 15-07-2017.
Buy one box with Hoof-Tite MAX MIX glue and mixing tips and receive a Hoof-Tite T-shirt with it. Also we will put a couple of new orange plastic blocks in the package for you to try out.
And specially for this action period we give a nice discount on the Hoof-Tite MAX MIX price (€ 17,95 per cartridge instead of the normal price of € 21,95).
Ordering can be done by sending an email to, pm or whatsapp.