KI Samen is the biggest privat A.I. station in the Netherlands. Besides and A.I. Station they also have a nice dairy farm in Grashoek, The Netherlands.
This month CowCare has delivered a new 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush and 200-1 alloy gate system to their dairy farm. With that we replaced a 5 year old electtric crush from one of our concurrents, which already was at the end of its life time.
Dairy farm Grashoek has chosen for a crush with a lot of hydraulic options, where their hoof trimmer can trim the cows in a standing position and with the highest safety for both cows and hoof trimmers.
We wish dairy farm Grashoek lots of working pleasure with their new hofo trimming crush from CowCare. For more information about KI Samen, click here: 
And for more information about dairy farm Grashoek, click here: