It took us a bit of time for testing, but we have it! The CowCare disc open with 6 knives is now also available in a titanium version. The alloy version has been a good start up this year and we got a lot positive replies to it and the request for a titanium version.
The titanium version is ofcourse more sustainable then the alloy version. It is equipped with 2 mm knives on special reauest of a lot of clients. The reason is that 3 mm knives are not giving an additional value, because they are more expensive and if using the disc on hard solid claws also the 3 mm knives also get damaged or break. Of course this varies per barn system which your clients have. [Our advice has always been and still is, not to use a disc with changeable knives on rock hard claws.]
The titanium disc is from now on available and the price is set on € 375,- per piece. Ofcourse we are CowCare, so in December you can still get it for the promotional price of € 350,- per piece.
Ordering by email (, Whatsapp, Facebook chat or from one of our sales managers.