This week we delivered a brand new galvanized 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush to one of our client in Sicily, in the south of Italy. This client has been working the past 3 years with a 650-SP2 hydraulic crush and the amount of cows which need to be trimmed is increasing, making it time to upgrade to a 800-1. The old hoof trimming crush has found a new owner also in Italy.
Our client has chosen for a galvanised version of the 800-1 and for a 5 function remote control. The remote control can be used for the front gate, back gate, elevator, double belly bands and for the front winch if you want to pull in a cow.
Next to the crush he also purchased a fastloader trailer with remote control which makes loading and unloading of the crush very fast.
We wish Giovanni lots of pleasant working hours with his new crush!