As of now there is a second hand hydraulic hoof trimming crush 800-1 for sale because the previous owner took over a dairy farm and is not trimming hoofs anymore.

This crush is a galvanized version, and has the following hydraulic functions:

  • front legs lifting
  • back legs lifting
  • front gate
  • back gate
  • double belly band
  • front gate lock
  • front winch
  • elevator
  • front leg fixation plates
  • back leg fixation plates

Moreover, this hoof trimming crush is equipped with a rubber floor (30 cm longer), extra cup holders, reinforced back door, metal cable holders and a removable bar in back door, which means it can be used for trimming large bulls and meat cows.

Additionally, it has an extra cable reel 220V in the back, extra lift eye on top of the box and it has a Lead in pen 200-0 connected to it. Besides that, it comes with a fast-loading leg system, which means that the crush can stand on legs so that faster loading and unloading on the farm is possible.

Furthermore, this crush can be bought in combination with a Nissan Navara 3 liter V6, from 08-2016. Automatic gear and with 43000 kilometer only.

All in good working condition. For more information and the prices, please contact your local manager or contact us by email ( or by phone/Whatsapp on 00371 2917 2713.