Last Saturday we welcomed the month of June with the CowCare clay shooting tournament followed by a BBQ for our Dutch customers. Hoof trimmers from all over country came together to participate at CowCare’s meet and greet.

After a brief introduction to safe handling of the gun, we started the skeet shooting game. After one round of successful shooting, the winner was certain.

After a shootout against Jeroen Verhoeven, Rick Horsthuis has prolonged his title and finished the tournament as winner with a result of 16/25. After the prices were given out at the award ceremony, it was time to strengthen the inner man with a wide choice of food and cold beer until the late evening.

Just like last year, this years’ clay shooting was a full success as we all had a fun and relaxed afternoon, which we will of course repeat next year. Then, Rick also has the chance, when he becomes first again, to win the challenge cup for eternity.

Thank you all for coming and until next year!