After the success of the Hoof-Tite COLD glue, 210 ml, which is very effective and loved by hoof trimmers under cold temperatures (below 18 degrees Celsius) we now introduce the Hoof-Tite HOT glue, 210 ml. The Hoof-Tite HOT glue is made on special request for all clients which are now working with the Hoof-Tite COLD. The cartridge and the mixing tips are the same as used for the Hoof-Tite COLD.
Hoof-Tite HOT, 210 ml is ment to be used when temperatures are going to 18 degrees or more. Lower temperatures is also possible, but we strongly advice the use of a hot box if the temperature is below 15/18 degrees.

Would you like to try it? That’s possible with out “Try-out kit HOT”. You then have 3 cartridges and 30 mixing tips and can try out the product. To order use code: 130504147

And contact your sales manager or us by email: .