We have a demo SA0051 for sale, which is equipped with the following options:
  • Mobile chassis with 4 wheels and own propulsion.
  • Elevator 30 centimeter.
  • Flowdivider 5,7 CC
  • Anti kick plates between front and back legs
  • Extra 15 centimeter height in crush.
  • Large hook for back legs.
  • W form on hydraulic back bar.
This crush has been used for exhibitions and demo days.
What makes this chute special?
This crush with mobile chassis can be easily driven on a machine transport trailer with closed tailgate. It makes loading and unloading the chute extremely fast and also driving into the barn is easy with the joystick on the crush.
As you know the production time at the moment is long, but this demo crush is available within 1,5 month. So take this opportunity.
For more information contact us!
Or check out additional information about the SA0051 here: https://cowcare.eu/product/sa0051-h-hoof-trimming-crush-chute-cows/
WOPA second hand SA0051 mobile chassis
Hoof trimming crush SA0051 mobile chassis
SA0051 mobile chassis
WOPA hoof trimming crushSA0051 mobile chassis