Last week we had visitors from the Czech Republic, which were interested to see and compare different professional hoof trimming chutes. When choosing the correct hoof trimming chute, a lot of different factors are important, for example: way of transport, size of herds, amount of hoof trimmers per chute etc etc. At CowCare we try to find the perfect chute for every person/company and you are free to ask our clients if we are succesfull in that.

Also interested in purchasing a new hoof trimming chute and need advice which chute would fit best with your situation?

Feel free to contact us!

Seghers Klauwverzorging working with a SA0051 with a CowCare trolley wheel:

More info about SA0051 here: SA0051 Hoof Trimming Crush
And about the Trolley here: CowCare Trolley Wheel

Middelveld Klauwverzorging working with  an Alu-Hooftrimmer CC01:

More info about the CC01 here: Alu-Hooftrimmer CC01

Scholten Klauwverzorging working with a SA0061 Track-Drive:

More info about the SA0061 TD here: SA0061 Track-Drive Hoof Trimming Crush