Last week the symposium “La salute del piede” (trans: the claw health) was organized for Italian veterinarians, hoof trimmers and farmers in Parma and Milan.

Both days were visited by more then 50 active participants and the symposium was organized by Viking Genetics and Genesi Projects in cooperation with CowCare Italia. During the two interesting and good visited days in Parma an Milan the focuss was on claw health in general. Specific topics addressed were animal welfare, claw health illnesses and the economic loss for dairy farms. For all our clients which were not able to particpate we have made a short movie with an impression of both days which you can find below or on our YouTube channel.

During the day all the participants had the possibility to get informed about the different models of hoof trimming chutes CowCare Italia offers on the Italian market and also about the different products we offer. During the live demonstrations DD-Delete, TAPE&CARE bandages, TP blocks and our Hoof-Tite COLD glue were used.

Big thanks to Viking Genetics, Genesi Projects, the speakers and CiaoLatte and Bonetti Farm for the excellent organization of these days. We also want to thank all visitors and specially two of our clients for showing their hoof trimming chutes during these interesting days.