Did you know that you can also rent a chute at CowCare (only for clients in the European Union)? We provide this extra service for our customers and it is especially interesting if:
– You are a new company and have ordered a chute with us. During the time your new chute is produced you can start working already with a rental chute.
– Your chute broke down and you needs fast a temporary replacement.
– You have to much cows to trim and split your team up and need an extra chute for the extra team.
– You want to try out that specific model for a month to see if it works for you.
– Your wife also wants to trim cows. 
And probably a million other reasons why you would like to rent a chute from CowCare.

At the moment we have one WOPA SA41/51 available for rent (a second WOPA SA51 is already rented out). And soon we also will offer a KVK 800-1 for rent. Check our CowCare page below for all the details!

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