Verhoeven Klauwverzorging was one of our first clients in the Netherlands to buy a 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming chute from us when we started on the Dutch market almost 10 years ago. The first 800-1 has trimmed in its 10 years of service more then 200.000 cows. And it still it’s daily working! In the last 10 years more and more have followed and yearly we are growing the amount of these chutes in the market.

To expand the business, a second 800-1 was bought. An 800-1 equipped with an extra lever for the belly band on the right side and 2 additional levers for lifting and lowering the back legs. Also a remote control for the front gate has been chosen to ease the work.

We wish Verhoeven Klauwverzorging lots of working fun with this new 800-1!

Are you also interested in a 800-1 hoof trimming chute, please read more about it here: