What to do if you are trimming and discover that you are running low on Hoof-Tite glue or your TAPE&CARE bandages are almost finished? Send an email, whatsapp or call? At CowCare we now made it more easy for you with the new CowCare app!
In this app you can see all products we offer for hoof trimmers including the pricing and order them directly (if you have wifi on your phone)! We even give you an additional discount if you order through the app. That makes ordering more easy, faster and you save money.
The new CowCare app is exclusively made for:
– Regular (loyal) clients which are more often ordering from CowCare.
– Professional hoof trimmers.
It is available for Android and Apple phones and you need to write in and your access needs to be approved by our IT manager.
Where can you download the CowCare app?