Our sales manager Elina is these weeks busy delivering BATH&CARE foot bath liquid to our clients. We see a fast rising demand for BATH&CARE from dairy farmers in Latvia and other countries. The autumn season is a season in which digital dermatitis is strong and causes lots of problems in dairy herds. A product which does what it promises and helps the dairy farmer in reaching his/her goal is welcome. Our BATH&CARE products has showed its effect already last year and the word-of-mouth commercial from farmer to farmer did the rest.

BATH&CARE foot bath solution is a non-antibiotic hoof care product for bovine and ovine animals and comes packed in 20 or 1000 litre. BATH&CARE is easy to use and to apply, simply check the CowCare foot bath protocol on our website. This product should be used every 2 till 4 weeks in a foot bath for 2 following days.
BATH&CARE is also available for hoof trimmers, so you can sell it to your clients. Ask us for more info.

More information about BATH&CARE you can find here: https://cowcare.eu/product/bathcare-foot-bath-solution/
Check also our footbath planning protocol here: https://cowcare.eu/product/bathcare-foot-bath-solution/

For questions and inquiries about this product, please contact us by phone/whatsapp on 00371 2917 2713 or send an email to info@cowcare.eu .