Our TAPE&CARE bandages are a very popular product and we suffered the last year from constant shortages in stock, because of the exponential growth in demand. We are working hard to get our stocks more full then the demand is. We expect to be in front of demand around March 2021.

As we do with all the products we recieve in stock, we also test the TAPE&CARE bandages on quality. Every single batch is checked. What do we check? First of all if the tape is easy to get of the roll. That is very important. Second if the elasticity is as it needs to be (not to strong, not to weak). Third, if the roll also contains that what we offer to the client. This we can show you also, see the pictures. Unstretched the TAPE&CARE should have a length of minimal 2 meters. In most cases it is 10% more, so around 2,20 meters. In stretched length it should be minimal 4,5 meters. In most cases it is 10% more, which means around 5 meters.

As you see, at CowCare you get standard 10% more then what you pay for. Interested in the CowCare TAPE&CARE bandages? Contact us and we will help you further.

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