We can’t make walking with a face mask more comfortable then without, but we can make it more fun!

For sure you will get some interesting conversations when walking with the “Proud to be a Hoof Trimmer” face masks from CowCare. In fact we tested it ourselves this week and had some good conversations with people which didn’t even know that bovine hoof trimmers exist. A bit more awareness for our sector is great!

Every client which places an order for € 250,- or more in products in the period between 11-01-2021 and 31-01-2021 gets a “Proud to be a Hoof Trimmer” face mask for FREE*.

* Following conditions apply:

– One “Proud to be a Hoof Trimmer” face mask per order.

– Available as long as they are on stock.

We hope that this helps in keeping you safe and healthy!