Irene? But there is already a sales manager in Italy with the name Irene… Yes, in potential this could become a very confusing story, but to be clear:
The last 4 years, Irene Vianello has been our sales manager for the Italian market. She started working for us under one condition: If she would finish her study and get a position offered at her dream job she would like to take it. And to be short, she got this opportunity last December and therefor starts working in her dream job from the 1st of February. (Don’t worry, in the background she still will advice our new colleague and CowCare in the coming months and she will follow us closely.)
We fully support her in her new job and are very happy with the job she did the last years for CowCare and also we are very happy for her getting this job oppportunity. Thanks Irene Vianello for all your energy, input and spirit you have given for CowCare! Our team will miss you.
And our new manager is Irene! Irene Riviera to be more precise. At the moment she is already doing an internal training at CowCare and on the 1st of February she officially will take over from Irene Vianello. Below she introduces herself:
My name is Irene Riviera and I was born on the 18th of April 1992. Since I was a very little child my dream was to become the ” The doctor of animals” and nothing or nobody has ever changed my mind. I graduated in Veterinary Medicine in Padova on 22th of July 2019 and since that moment I’ve practiced, getting immediatly a job, as a general veterinarian, even although I’ve always had a love for cows and the world of farms. Every animal instills me calm but..cows more than others :). During my studies the internship with cows was actually one of the most interesting for me. At the moment I’m working as a general pet veterinarian in a vet clinic where I visit, I help the surgeon in the operating room and where I do Vet phisioteraphy..we can say orthopedy and traumatology are my strong points. Before becoming a vet I worked as a barlady and a waitress for a long time. As a matter of fact I’ve always worked since I was a univeristy student and it kept me very busy, I can say it taught me to be careful and to work hard to reach my target.
Apart from the love for animals and my job, I love doing some crazy sports like snowboard,kitesurf, scuba diving,motocross, trail running. When I do these activities I relax and I set my mind free. Also I love travelling and I’m very curious in general. I’ve started this job intending to become the new representative for clients and the company, I want to learn, to compare myself with others professionals and…grow up with all the passion and determination that have guided me here.
I am looking forward to working together with our existing and new clients in the Italian market.
Best regards,
Irene Riviera