Buy one box of RED or BLUE TAPE&CARE self-adhesive bandages (144 pcs) and get a CowCare bandage remover knife (60 cm) for FREE!

And yes this means that if you take more boxes you will get more bandage remover knifes. The TAPE&CARE is ofcourse for the same sharp price as always.

  • Action is valid for all orders, ordered from 01-04-2021 till 30-04-2021.
  • Only valid for orders following the normal hoof trimmer price list.

More information about the TAPE&CARE self-adhesive bandages you can find here:

More information about the CowCare bandage remover knife (60 cm):

For ordering, contact your personal manager.

Or by Whatsapp 00371 2917 2713 or email: