We can now announce some new developments for the Alu-Hooftrimmer models CC01 and CC02. In close cooperation with several hoof trimmers working with our chutes, we have decided to realize a slightly different positioning of the front leg holders. This will be now standard on all new Alu-Hooftrimmers ordered from now on.

Also the front doors are standard extra reinforced on all new chutes, but this is already for longer time adjusted in the production process.

Another very promising development is the first Alu-Hooftrimmer with mover system on it. Our team soon will start working on the first version for a client of us. This new mover system will be build on chutes with a large 1350 kilogram axle which can be pulled behind the car. A mover makes faster setup and more easy handling of the chute in a farm possible and is especially interesting for clients which visit multiple farms per day.

We will keep you updated about this promising development!

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