Verhoeven Klauwverzorging was the first company to try out the ANKA PRO chutes CowCare introduced beginning July on the Dutch market. After 7 days of testing they were convinced of the possibilities of the ANKA PRO ACCUMULATOR. 

For more then 10 years Verhoeven Klauwverzorging has been buying its professional hoof trimming chutes from CowCare and we are happy that they also follow us with the ANKA chutes. 

The ANKA PRO ACCUMULATOR is running on 380V, one of the fastest chutes in the market and equipped with some small adjustments custom made for Verhoeven Klauwverzorging. 

We wish Verhoeven Klauwverzorging lots of working pleasure with their new ANKA PRO ACCUMULATOR.

ANKA PRO Accumulator to customer CowCare