At the moment we see price changes from our suppliers on a monthly and sometimes even daily basis, caused by production shortages, shortage of transport possibilities, fluctuations in raw material availability and fluctuating prices etc.
Till now CowCare has covered unforeseen rises in prices and buffered for shortages in products, but we have come to a point that the supply market is so unstable for certain products that we need to adapt to it to have stable amounts of products for all our clients on stock.
Because of these unstable production forecasts from some of our suppliers CowCare has decided to change the prices without notice. This means that all farmer, hoof trimmer and distributor price lists for products are changed from 01/06/2022.
Please ask your sales manager for the most actual prices.
p.s. Besides above, the transport market is unstable at the moment, and this might result in your products being sent with package post instead of pallet delivery. If this is an issue, please contact your sales manager.