That was fun! Our CowCare client day was great in France.  Interesting lectures by William Davy (ClawCare) and Adrian Gonzalez (Anka Hoof Care) followed by a practical demonstration of low-stress cow handling by Roger Seron and a demonstration of Matthieu Evrard with his self propelled ANKA chute with IRMANS system. After that, a demonstration with the new extended U-trailer and ANKA Mover and finished with a practical workshop about pressure on the cows claws by William Davy. And last but not least a nice dinner with a very tastefully grilled pig and some good French wine and cider.

Big thanks to the Zijp family for having us on their nice dairy farm and big thanks to all the visitors and the lecturers. And yes, we will start thinking about the next CowCare client day in France. For the ones who missed it, enjoy the pictures.