Testimonial from a hoof trimmer in Latvia: “I have been using DD-DELETE for about 3 years already. I noticed an advertisement in a Facebook group and decided to try it out as I was curious about discovering alternative treatments. According to the composition, all ingredients are familiar to me and have already been used, so there is no doubt about their effectiveness. But it is DD-DELETE that I use the most in places where there is concern that the powdered treatments will not get to exactly where I want it, or for minor cases of digital dermatitis. Also, sometimes I simply apply the gel to very small digital dermatitis lesions when it is not necessary to apply a bandage. Sometimes I also use it on wounds with a large amount of necrotic tissue to clean the wound with the first dressing. I can recommend DD-DELETE to others because it’s easy to work with and you can’t go wrong with these ingredients!”

Thank you Agris for the review!

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