The production time of ANKA CORE has been shortened!

Great news for all dairy farmers and ANKA CORE enthusiasts out there!
The production time of the hoof trimming chute ANKA CORE has been reduced to 1.5months❗️
Do not hesitate and get a trusted, fast and easy-to-use crush right now with CowCare!

Why choose ANKA CORE?

The CORE, a galvanized hydraulic hoof trimming chute, is an ideal solution for every dairy farmer who has 150 cows or more.

The ANKA CORE hydraulic hoof trimming chute is developed with 30 years of experience and co-development with its clients, therefore the CORE meets all the requirements and future demands of dairy farms. Its operational reliability and well-established construction make it one of the best crushes for dairy farmers in the world.

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ANKA CORE hoof trimming crush