On Monday, 19 June, we organized our first CowCare demo-day for interested hoof trimmers, where we showed the ANKA PRO 2.0 in a farm situation and the PRO Accumulator with the extended U-trailer. 

For the demonstration with cows in the chute we worked together with John Boonstra from klauwinzicht.nl. John has been working with a PRO2.0 chute for over a year and knows all the ins and outs.

The differences between the PRO2.0 and the Accumulator were discussed as well as all the options we offer for transport and cow flow (gate systems).

A very enthusiastic group of attendees showed us that there is a large interest in the PRO chutes and therefore we have decided to copy these demo days to other countries!

🔴👉🏻 If you are interested in a demo day in your neighborhood, please feel free to contact your personal manager or CowCare directly!

We want to thank John Boonstra and family for their input and of course all visitors for their interest!  💐