Claw Health Calculator

Bad claw health in our herd has a huge impact on your farm’s profits.
Use our Claw Health Calculator to evaluate your farm.

The Claw Health Calculator is a tool developed by TipCow, with which you can calculate your annual losses in Euros (calculated through the loss of milk) as a result of bad claw health.

It is a simple tool and easy to use if you follow the steps below and collect the needed data:

  • Bring the Locomotion Score Schedule with you to the farm and download the Claw Health Calculator to your laptop.
  • Score all the cows or a representative number of groups for locomotion.
  • Determine how many cows have a specific locomotion score.
  • Ask the farmer to give you the following data:
    – Average milk production in kg per cow/day
    – Average milk price in € per kg
    – Average feeding costs in € per kg milk
    – Amount of dairy cows in production
  • Put all above data in the Claw Health Calculator on your laptop.

You can now discuss the annual loss in Euros as a result of claw problems / bad claw health and point out that there are also other losses associated with this, like; more replacement costs, lower milk price as result of lower quality of milk, more treatment costs due to reduced fertility and mastitis.

Together with the farm, you can draw up an action and investment plan enabling the farm to cash in on those losses. You can ask us for help in this matter at any time.

You should point out to the farm that the investments will be earned back through improved claw health as calculated by the Claw Health Calculator.

Now you can start earning money together!

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