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CowCare SIA is a private owned company, which started its operations in 2007 in Valmiera, Latvia. We sell our products not only in Europe but also worldwide. Our clients are based from Chile to Russia and from Norway to India. So make your choice in our product range and we will give you the best service. The main field of operation is the sales of hoof trimming equipment and materials:

  • Sales of different brands and models of hoof trimming crushes worldwide
  • Sales of hoof bloc adhesives
  • Sales of hoof gel, tape, spray, liquid and hoof baths, mixing tips, bloks dispensing guns
  • Sales of hoof care tools
  • Providing professional trainings and seminars for farmers, veterinaries or others interested
  • Consultations on the field of claw health, f.e how to build a barn, claw friendly, worldwide

Hoof trimming is our passion and our aim is to provide the client with service, quality and knowledge. These three aspects are in our view necessary to make a good cooperation possible between the needs of the client and the products/services which we offer. That’s also the reason why our company chooses to work only with producers which can offer the highest quality standards.

In the past years we have focussed more and more on the sales of a full package of hoof trimming equipment and products. From hoof trimming crushes till hoof trimming books, we offer it all. We do our best to offer our clients the biggest choise of products. For that reason we also offer hoof trimming crushes from two different manufacturers.

To increase our market share and the amount of service to our foreign customers, we are looking for sales partners Europe wide. Also companies from other countries, interested in selling our products are free to contact us. To give a short summary, in 2017 we delivered to customers in over 43 countries worldwide.

In order to keep informed about the services and products of our competitors, with new equipment and working methods, the company actively participates in trade fairs and exhibitions both in Latvia and abroad.

We are proud to be called by our customers “the specialists in hooftrimming”, because of the diversity and quality we deliver. A title to be proud of!

If you also would like to be served by “the specialists in hooftrimming”, feel free to contact us and we would be pleased to help you!

Hoping for a successful cooperation,

Hens Mekking (MSc)
Director, CowCare SIA


CowCare - Service


CowCare - Service


CowCare - Service

Meet the CowCare Team

Our multilingual team of experts spans the continent and offers you
distance and on-site support – before, during and after your purchase.

Willem Hendrik Mekking

Chairman of the board

  • info@cowcare.eu
  • +371 2917 2713

Ilze Mekking

Member of the board

  • office@cowcare.eu

  • +371 2865 1932

Iveta Reņko

Head Accountant

  • accountant@cowcare.eu

  • +371 2838 1848

Liene Arcimoviča

Sales Manager Latvia

  • cowgenetics@cowcare.eu
  • +371 2944 3382

Liene Bahmane

Office Manager

  • latvija@cowcare.eu

  • +371 2865 1506

Irene Vianello

Sales Manager
Italian market

  • italia@cowcare.eu
  • +393 6642 67420

Roberta Turato

Sales Manager
Italian market

  • allevatori@cowcare.eu

  • +393 8918 36193

Jan Brand-Kruth

Sales Manager
German market

  • deutschland@cowcare.eu
  • +49 1575 0856 613

Kristaps Grīnbergs

Marketing Manager

  • support@cowcare.eu

  • +371 2863 2851

Marine Dupont

Sales Manager
French market

  • france@cowcare.eu

  • +337 7003 7614 

Marcel Pardijs

Sales Manager
French market

  • france@cowcare.eu

  • +337 7003 7614 

Satisfied customers

In this section we showcase some of our satisfied clients and
have a look at what kind of crush they use and why they use it.

Peter v/d Loop and Roel v/d Camp are the first hooftrimmers in the Netherlands to order and to get the delivered a new 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush. Both hooftrimmers have worked in the past with a Bullbjerg crush and when CowCare SIA introduced the new 800-1 crushes on the Dutch market in the end of 2010 the decission was fast made and a new 800-1 ordered.

In June 2011 we have delivered this crush. And below you will find a video of Roel and Peter working with the new crush. You can see that they are already used to this type of crush. The average speed is between 15 and 20 cows in an hour (all 4 legs trimming).

Both hooftrimmers have a fixed system of working, which is very important. As you can see, one hooftrimmer does all the legs on the left side and the other one all the legs on the right side. This ensures the fastest working speed, because you don't need to think about the different steps you need to do and you will not come in the walking area of your partner.

The main reason why Peter and Roel have chosen the 800-1 hydraulic crush is the fixation of the legs, the double belly band and the elevator of the crush which makes working more ergonomic and easy. Because they are working with two persons on one crush, it is required that all 4 legs can be up at the same moment. Because that ensures the best time efficiency.

Peter and Roel have also ordered a model 200-0 gate system with 8 meter of gates, so they can make a waiting area for the cows, where at least 4 cows can stand in line in front of the crush. This system is for them the most efficient way to ensure a fast and continuous flow of cows. Which decreases their working time and increases the amount of cows they can do in an hour.

To place this whole system in the barn, they are working with an Accu Trolley Wheel. The Accu Trolley Wheel makes moving the crush in the barn and to the washing place very easy. Also from an ergonomic way of thinking it makes work more easy.

To move the whole combination from farm to farm, they are working with a trailer system which is equal to the CowCare fast loader. Only difference that they let the crush pull itself on the trailer instead of working with a leg system.

Satisfied customers from the Netherlands with our 800-1 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH

In June 2011 CowCare SIA has delivered the first 800-1 hydraulic hooftrimming crush with 200-0 gate system in France. This crush has been made together with a new custom made trailer system, which ensures fast on- and off loading when visiting farms. This was a special wish of the new owner of this combination Mr. Jérome Kretz.

Kretz was in the past working with a local French made hooftrimming crush, but decided to switch to our 800-1 hydraulic hooftrimming crush because of better quality and speed of the hydraulics. This is very important for him because he trims yearly more than 15.000 cows.

Also the hydraulic lifting of the 800-1 and the fixation of the front and back legs were one of the main points why he chose to buy a 800-1 hydraulic hooftrimming crush from CowCare SIA.

A special request from Kretz was that the on loading and off loading needs to be fast and easy. For that we have developed a new trailer system, which we now also will put in our sales catalogue. On the pictures you see this trailer system unloading the 800-1 crush with 200-0 gate system.

We invite all French speaking customers which are interested in this type of crush with the trailer system to contact our sales manager for France, Dorine Veyrat (Phone: 0033 753 974 883) or if you would like to hear the opinion of Jérome Kretz, it is always possible to call him.

Satisfied customers from the France with our 800-1 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH

J & G Veterinary Service from Latvia is working since the beginning of 2011 with a 650-SP2 hydraulic hoof trimming crush. The 650-SP2 is at the moment being used by a full time hoof trimmer, trimming the cows of clients of the Veterinary Service.

The reason why J & G Veterinary Service chose the 650-SP2 is the system with a double belly band and fixation of the front and back legs. No other crush on the market delivers the same quality for this price.

The crush works on 220 Volt and is further equipped with the full option package which is standard delivered on the crush.

Satisfied customers from the Latvia with our 650-SP2 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH
Satisfied customers from the Latvia with our 650-SP2 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH

Väätsa Agro has bought in the spring of 2010 a SA0039 hydraulic hoof trimming crush in combination with a hoof trimming training and support plan to improve the claw health on their farms. Since then, large improvements have been seen. Two young hoof trimmers have been trained in the Dutch hoof trimming method and they are working with the crush on a daily base.

Before the training lameness and claw diseases was one of the main reasons why a cow would be send to the meat plant. Nowadays lameness is not a topic anymore. This is a result of good education in the Dutch hoof trimming method and a claw health plan which focusses on preventive trimming instead of curative trimming.

At the same time, with the help of a ClawHealth plan from CowCare SIA, Väätsa Agro has solved the large amount of Mortellaro products by making use of the full product range of Intracare products.

Good hooftrimming in combination with the use of good equipment and products and a clear Claw Health programm has led to amazing results.

The SA0039 hydraulic crush is equipped with tail gates behind the crush, an electric switch system for the engine, higher front leg holders and a hydraulic backpipe + front plates.

Satisfied customers from the Estonia with our SA0039 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH
Satisfied customers from the Estonia with our SA0039 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH

David Jeanmaire was beginning 2011 the first Swiss hoof trimmer to be delivered a new 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush.

As a full time hooftrimmer he is daily working with the crush and that's why he chose a 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush.

The big plus of the 800-1 is that it is equipped with a hydraulic elevator, which makes it possible to work as much as possible with a straight back. Another big plus is the fixation of the front and back legs. Together with the hydraulic leg restraint control system this makes the trimming easy and fast.

Satisfied customers from the Switzerland with our 800-1 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH
Satisfied customers from the Switzerland with our 800-1 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH

In Belgium, Damien Chetioui, is working with a 650-SP2 hooftrimming crush with a model 200-0 gate system. This 650-SP2 crush is further equipped with hydraulic leg fixation plates for the back leg holders and extra brakes which prevent the hydraulics from loosening the legs, if the cows are moving a lot in the crush.

The crush works with 380 Volt, because that makes the crush faster then most of the concurrents and it is possible to use more functions at the same time.

He chose this crush, because of the lifting system, the double belly band and the silent engine.

Satisfied customers from the Belgium with our 650-SP2 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH
Satisfied customers from the Belgium with our 650-SP2 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH

CowCare dealers worldwide

CowCare is working with dealers in several countries and we are always interested in expanding our dealer network. If you cannot find your country or region, please contact us by email (info@cowcare.eu) or by phone (00371 2917 2713).


Westagroserviss LLC

Prushynskikh street 31 A
220089, Minsk
17 2414161


PILT Trading OU

Kiivitaja 7, EE-46607,
Piira Küla, Vinni Vald,


CowCare Germany manager:
Jan Brand-Kruth
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CowCare Italy manager:
Irene Vianello
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CowCare Headquarters
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CowCare Netherlands manager:
Hens Mekking
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Berweger GmbH
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