Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of hoof trimming experts is always happy to answer any questions you may have.
We decided to publish some questions we answer frequently here on our website.

All members of our team are educated in the Dutch hoof trimming method (Toussaint-Raven). Experts have called this method one of the best hoof trimming methods in the world.
That’s the reason why we advice farmers to also buy their own hoof trimming crush and get a introduction training in hooftrimming. Cows that are crippled need to be cured immediately, otherwise it will cost you a lot of money. See also our ClawHealth Calculator.
If you cut your nails, do you also do that till you fingers bleed? No, so it is definitely time to find another hoof trimmer.
At least 3 weeks. If after 6 weeks the cows are still walking with the blocks we would advise to take them off and if necessary replace them. Also for getting hoof blocks off, a crush is helpful, another reason why every farm needs a crush.

It is most important to take away the main causes that make it possible that your herd contracts this illness. For every farm there is a different way how to tackle this problem. Therefore we need a few more details. Please send us an email ( or call 00371 2917 2713 and we will give you a consultation.

That depends on a lot of factors like; amount of cows, amount of trimming, your hoof trimming method, future plans, management, cow traffic etc. We can give you a custom made offer which fits with your farm. It doesn’t matter if your farm has 30 or 30.000 cows. For every farm we have a hoof trimming crush, but if you as farmer or manager want to make the right decision, you will need to inform us about your specific situation. Call us (00371 2917 2713) or send an email ( and we will be happy to assist you.

CowCare SIA is a private owned company based in Latvia. We sell worldwide and have stocks in both the Netherlands and Latvia.
Please, use the “add to quote” buttons on the product page to add the product to your quote list. After that simply fill in your address details and click send. We will come back to you with the best possible price.
We work together with companies like DHL, DPD and TNT. Bigger orders which are placed on pallets are send by road/air or boat transport.

For English/German/Dutch/Afrikaans and Latvian contact: 0031 64 22 88 638 (Hens).

For Italian contact: 00393 6642 67420 (Irene).

For French contact: 0033 (0)780030897 (Esther).

For German contact: 0049 1575 0856 613 (Benedikt).

For Russian/Latvian contact: 00371 2865 1932 (Ilze).

For Latvian: 00371 2865 1506 (Elīna).

Yes you can! CowCare is always looking for distributors/salespoints in other countries. Contact us and we will make you a proposal.
All products are only shipped after a 100% pre-payment has been done, this is company policy.