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Dutch hoof trimmers meeting


Dutch hoof trimmers meeting

Coming Friday (29-03) CowCare will be present at the Dutch hoof trimmers meeting which will happen in the south of the Netherlands. On our stand you can see a new 800-1 hoof trimming crush with simultaneous claw fixation unit, an Alu-Hooftrimmer CC02 and of course our CARE range with products for claw health and the Hoof-Tite claw glues. We are looking forward to see you all on our stand.

CowCare newsletter for hoof trimmers


CowCare newsletter for hoof trimmers2019

We want to introduce you to the latest CowCare newsletter for hoof trimmers, which has been translated into several languages. We hope that the information will be useful.

Below you can find the language that suits for you:

Newsetter English language – CowCare Newsletter for hoof trimmers

Newsletter Dutch language –  Klauwverzorgers Nieuwsbrief Van CowCare

Newsletter Italian language – CowCare Newsletter Italy

CowCare Valentines special!


Valentines special! CowCare Bandage Remover

Together is more fun! Therefore, buy 1 CowCare Bandage Remover (€ 19,95) and get the second one for free! This action is only valid when ordered on Valentine’s day.

For more info contact your local sales manager. Or check our website: CowCare Bandage Remover



Product in the picture:

DD-DELETE is a hoof tar which was developed to be used as a care product for hoof problems e.g. digital dermatitis

  • Made in Finland 
  • Comes with a fresh tar odour
  • Easy to use with a dispensing gun
  • Used in dealing with claw diseases
  • Packet size: 360 g/tube
  • Composition: tar, salicylic acid, and copper sulphate

For more info and/or prices, contact your manager. Or check our website: DD-DELETE

Happy New Year


We wish all our clients a Happy New Year! Lets make 2019 a healthy and fun year for all hoof trimmers worldwide!

CowCare Team!


Product in the picture: This time the CowCare TAPE&CARE bandages


This time the CowCare TAPE&CARE bandages. Available in 2 colours, red and blue. Elastic, self-adhesive bandage which is easy to tear. Length of 450 cm en width of 10 cm. We offer them in boxes of 12 pieces and large boxes of 144 pieces. On one pallet fit 2880 pieces. For more info and/or prices, contact your manager.

CowCare Team


All 800-1’s ordered are now standard equipped with new door system


We get a lot of questions what is different between the old and the new front door of the 800-1. The main difference is that it is now far more easy to open it also to the front. Older versions have a hydraulic block/doorstop on top of the door which stops the door when closing. On the new crushes this door stop is not there anymore and the door itself slows down/stops when it is closed. Result is that when standing at the back of the crush and handling the door you also can open it to the front without having to walk in front to hydraulic put the doorstop up.
The door is still adjustable to width and because of the plates in the doors you will have less problems with the cows putting their leg through the door etc.
A win win situation! All 800-1‘s ordered are now standard equipped with this new door system. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

CowCare Team

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