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Demo SA0051 with mobile chassis for sale!


We have a demo SA0051 for sale, which is equipped with the following options:
  • Mobile chassis with 4 wheels and own propulsion.
  • Elevator 30 centimeter.
  • Flowdivider 5,7 CC
  • Anti kick plates between front and back legs
  • Extra 15 centimeter height in crush.
  • Large hook for back legs.
  • W form on hydraulic back bar.
This crush has been used for exhibitions and demo days.
What makes this chute special?
This crush with mobile chassis can be easily driven on a machine transport trailer with closed tailgate. It makes loading and unloading the chute extremely fast and also driving into the barn is easy with the joystick on the crush.
As you know the production time at the moment is long, but this demo crush is available within 1,5 month. So take this opportunity.
For more information contact us!
Or check out additional information about the SA0051 here: https://cowcare.eu/product/sa0051-h-hoof-trimming-crush-chute-cows/
WOPA second hand SA0051 mobile chassis
Hoof trimming crush SA0051 mobile chassis
SA0051 mobile chassis
WOPA hoof trimming crushSA0051 mobile chassis

Third 800-1 chute delivered at Damink Agrarische Dienstverlening


Last week Damink Agrarische Dienstverlening recieved from CowCare their third 800-1 hoof trimming chute. Since 2012 we have been working together and we have seen Damink grew in the field of hoof trimming in a market which is already quite crowded with hoof trimmers. This shows good entrepeneurship and quality, service and knowledge for their clients. And as a result soon 3 hoof trimming teams will be active.

This 800-1 hoof trimming chute has some extra options build on: extra handle on the right side for the belly band, remote control for the front door, an extra stainless steel box on the back door, CowCare metal leg shield for front and back legs and a longer rubber mat on the floor.

We wish Damink lots of working pleasure with their new chute!  

More information about this chute you will find here: 800-1 hoof trimming chute


New hoof trimmer price list!


From 15-05 our newest price list with products for hoof trimmers will be active for all countries. That means that the old price list is not valid anymore. To get the newest pricelist, please contact your local manager or send us an email on info@cowcare.eu.
On the pricelist you will find also the newest Hoof-Tite HOT glue, 210 ml, which is comparible to the Hoof-Tite COLD glue, but then for temperatures above 18 degrees Celsius. See our previous news item about this new glue or click here: https://cowcare.eu/blog/2019/05/10/hoof-tite-hot-for-summer-time/

SP2 hydraulic hoof trimming chute is ready for transport


This SP2 hydraulic hoof trimming chute is ready for transport to a dairy farm in France. The SP2 has been equipped with the following extra options: hydraulic claw fixation plates in the front and in the back and additional brakes in the front and back.

We wish our client much working pleasure with his new crush.

For more information about this hoof trimming crush follow the link: https://cowcare.eu/product/650-sp2-h-hoof-trimming-crush-chute-cows/

Or contact your sales manager or us by email: info@cowcare.eu .

Hoof trimming crush 650 SP2
Hoof trimming crush SP2
Hoof trimming crush SP2
KVK 650 SP2 Hoof trimming crush
hoof trimming crush SP2

Hoof-Tite HOT glue, 210 ml, for summer time!


After the success of the Hoof-Tite COLD glue, 210 ml, which is very effective and loved by hoof trimmers under cold temperatures (below 18 degrees Celsius) we now introduce the Hoof-Tite HOT glue, 210 ml. The Hoof-Tite HOT glue is made on special request for all clients which are now working with the Hoof-Tite COLD. The cartridge and the mixing tips are the same as used for the Hoof-Tite COLD.
Hoof-Tite HOT, 210 ml is ment to be used when temperatures are going to 18 degrees or more. Lower temperatures is also possible, but we strongly advice the use of a hot box if the temperature is below 15/18 degrees.

Would you like to try it? That’s possible with out “Try-out kit HOT”. You then have 3 cartridges and 30 mixing tips and can try out the product. To order use code: 130504147

And contact your sales manager or us by email: info@cowcare.eu .


Hoof trimmer with the SA0051 hoof trimming crush


CowCare delivers to South Tyrol. Our customer Konstantin Gruber has decided to start his own business as a hoof trimmer with the SA0051 hoof trimming crush. On the pictures you can see Konstantin hoof trimming. To check the delivery and to be available for direct queries, Jan Brand-Kruth and Irene Vianello visited Konstantin at work. “A very quality-oriented way of dealing with hoof care”, Jan.

We wish Konstantin much success in the start of his self-employment as a Hooftrimmer.

Further information can be found here: SA0051

Dutch hoof trimmers meeting


Dutch hoof trimmers meeting

Coming Friday (29-03) CowCare will be present at the Dutch hoof trimmers meeting which will happen in the south of the Netherlands. On our stand you can see a new 800-1 hoof trimming crush with simultaneous claw fixation unit, an Alu-Hooftrimmer CC02 and of course our CARE range with products for claw health and the Hoof-Tite claw glues. We are looking forward to see you all on our stand.

CowCare newsletter for hoof trimmers


CowCare newsletter for hoof trimmers2019

We want to introduce you to the latest CowCare newsletter for hoof trimmers, which has been translated into several languages. We hope that the information will be useful.

Below you can find the language that suits for you:

Newsetter English language – CowCare Newsletter for hoof trimmers

Newsletter Dutch language –  Klauwverzorgers Nieuwsbrief Van CowCare

Newsletter Italian language – CowCare Newsletter Italy

CowCare Valentines special!


Valentines special! CowCare Bandage Remover

Together is more fun! Therefore, buy 1 CowCare Bandage Remover (€ 19,95) and get the second one for free! This action is only valid when ordered on Valentine’s day.

For more info contact your local sales manager. Or check our website: CowCare Bandage Remover

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