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IRON blocks available at CowCare


An innovative new generation of orthopaedic insoles for professional claw treatment. The IRON BLOCK is entirely made of polyurethane, highly abrasion-resistant material.

In some cases this block could be an ideal solution to get a cow from lame back to normal. For example if you have cows with sole ulcers in both claws, or with thin soles in both claws.

The IRON block is now put in the assortiment of CowCare and can be ordered. Soon it will also stand on our new price list.

For more information please check our website: https://cowcare.eu/product/iron-block-brown-for-hoof-care/

Improvements in 2020 on the 800-1


For us it is important that our clients are satisfied with the hoof trimming chutes they purchase from us. Therefor we do our best to get information about issues/improvements from the field and get them send through to the factory for updates on the new chutes.


An issue in the last year where the rolls which guide the ropes of the back legs. These rolls where made on the chute, but could not be taken off. If a roll breaks that ment cutting the metal, place a new roll and welt it together. This was far from ideal and in the factory they have worked hard on an improvement.


Herewith we show the new solution which from now on is standard on all chutes ordered (and standing in production at the moment). The rolls have been made more solid and it is now possible to replace the rolls very easy if needed. You take out the split spring and pull out the metal beam, replace the roll and put the metal beam back and fix it with the split spring. No cutting or welding of the metal is needed anymore.


For more information check our website: https://cowcare.eu/product/800-1-h-hoof-trimming-crush-chute-cows/


We want to thank our customers for thinking with us and improving the product!

Digital dermatitis / Mortellaro can be fought back!


Digital dermatitis (DD), known as Mortellaro disease, is endemic in most dairy farms. The acute M2 stage is painful. Mortellaro disease causes many problems.

Besides serious economic losses also animal welfare factors are at stake.

The usually applied antibiotic-containing spray does not fit in the current policy of resistance prevention and reduction of antibiotic usage.

At CowCare we work with treatment protocols for our SPRAY&CARE and BATH&CARE. And most clients agree that when followed, the protocols also meet their expectations.

SPRAY&CARE is an attractive antibiotic-free alternative for existing therapies and used by more and more farmers and hoof trimmers.

For more information check our website: https://cowcare.eu/product/spraycare-liquid-for-spraying/

Stock sale: Technovit 6091 Easy with 12 treatments!


End of the year, this means checking our stocks: From Technovit 6091 Easy with 12 treatments we still have 7 boxes standing and we are not continuing this product.

Therefor we can offer you these last 7 boxes with a 50% discount if bought in one lot.

Price for 7 boxes of Technovit 6091 (12 treatments) + sending in Europe => € 350,- ex VAT (normal price: € 699,65).

Good price isn’t it? Ordering is very easy; contact us by whatsapp (00371 2917 2713) or by email (info@cowcare.eu).

CowCare TAPE&CARE bandages very popular in France


The last month several groups of French hoof trimmers have tested and tried our CowCare TAPE&CARE adhesive bandages. We got very good reactions back on the product, resulting in large orders to France.

The picture we got in from one of our French clients, which was happy to recieve his 6 pallets of the red CowCare TAPE&CARE adhesive bandages just around Christmas. Great to see happy clients responding!

A minus is maybe that the demand of TAPE&CARE at the moment is so large that our supplier cannot deliver in the same speed. We are doing our best to keep our stock full, but it might happen that we run out of this product for a certain period.

For more information about the TAPE&CARE adhesive bandages in red or blue, please check here: https://cowcare.eu/product/tapecare-blue-claw-bandage/

p.s. We soon will start looking for a new sales manager for the French market, if you are interested, or you know someone which could be fit for our great CowCare team, feel free to contact us and send a CV!

New SA51HBL available per direct* for a sharp price


We have a brand new SA51HBL available almost per direct. This chute is fully hydraulic. Which means front gate, back gate, elevator, belly band, front leg lifting and back leg lifting are hydraulic. Equipped with; a 380V engine, higher model, alloy gates, elevator for whole chute, protection plates under the front leg holders, fixed anti-kicking plate, large front leg hooks and a W-fixation on the back bar. And ofcourse also equipped with LED lights, angle grinder holders, 220V contacts, vulcanized aluminium floor.

Price of this chute is € 24.750,- excluding VAT and excluding transport. For more info send us an email (info@cowcare.eu) or call +371 2917 2713.

Product info: DD-Delete on the move!


DD-Delete (360 gram) is a care product, which is used by more and more of our customers/professional hoof trimmers all over the world. It is used for individual application after the hoof trimming and has an optimal adhesion for maximum and longer protection.

Main ingredients are beech tar, salicylic acid and copper sulfate. The combination and right amounts of these ingredients form the reason why this product is getting more and more popular.

How to use it?

Apply a covering layer of DD-Delete onto the hoof and within the interdigital space. In case needed, tape the claw with a bandage (preferably TAPE&CARE bandage). Leave the bandage on the claw for a maximum of five days and then remove it. It is NOT needed to put again a layer of DD-Delete onto the claw, in most cases a layer of the product remains on the claw.

It comes in a kit tube with the tips, so you need a kit dispenser to use it.

Would you like to try this product? Let us know and we will send you some samples!

More info, check our website: https://cowcare.eu/product/dd-delete-care-product-hoof-trimming/

CowCare will be present at FierAgricola in Verona, Italy!


From 29 January till the 1st of February CowCare will participate (for the first time) in FierAgricola in Verona, Italy. Fieragricola has been the reference point in the international and Italian agricultural scene for over a century. Furthermore from the last two editions, zootechnics has once again become a fundamental pillar of the event and a reference point for national and international breeders and farmers.

On our stand you will see the following selection of chutes: a WOPA SA61 Track-Drive which is the newest top chute from the Netherlands. A SA26 hoof trimming chute which is ideal for dairy farms. The newest model of the KVK 800-1. A KVK 650SP0 which is ideal for dairy farmers. And a brand new foot bath which we start selling from 01-01-2020.
Also you can get informed about the different products like e.g. DD-Delete and the WL-Delete and ofcourse about the different Hoof-Tite glues which we offer.

Where to find us => Pavilion 9, stand A3.

We hope to welcome you on our stand!
The CowCare Team

Second hand USA Equipment chute for sale!


As already announced two weeks ago, we have a second hand USA Equipment chute for sale. An interesting machine, because a Dutch company has build this chutes and it is build as a copy of the Appleton chutes.

Most of these chutes are sold to the bigger dairy farms, but also some hoof trimmers have worked or are working with it.

Are you interested in this chute and would you like to know the price or see more pictures?
Please check our website here: https://cowcare.eu/second-hand-hooftrimming-crushes/

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