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CowCare goes Sicily!


This week we delivered a brand new galvanized 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush to one of our client in Sicily, in the south of Italy. This client has been working the past 3 years with a 650-SP2 hydraulic crush and the amount of cows which need to be trimmed is increasing, making it time to upgrade to a 800-1. The old hoof trimming crush has found a new owner also in Italy.
Our client has chosen for a galvanised version of the 800-1 and for a 5 function remote control. The remote control can be used for the front gate, back gate, elevator, double belly bands and for the front winch if you want to pull in a cow.
Next to the crush he also purchased a fastloader trailer with remote control which makes loading and unloading of the crush very fast.
We wish Giovanni lots of pleasant working hours with his new crush!

New CowCare titanium disc now available!


It took us a bit of time for testing, but we have it! The CowCare disc open with 6 knives is now also available in a titanium version. The alloy version has been a good start up this year and we got a lot positive replies to it and the request for a titanium version.
The titanium version is ofcourse more sustainable then the alloy version. It is equipped with 2 mm knives on special reauest of a lot of clients. The reason is that 3 mm knives are not giving an additional value, because they are more expensive and if using the disc on hard solid claws also the 3 mm knives also get damaged or break. Of course this varies per barn system which your clients have. [Our advice has always been and still is, not to use a disc with changeable knives on rock hard claws.]
The titanium disc is from now on available and the price is set on € 375,- per piece. Ofcourse we are CowCare, so in December you can still get it for the promotional price of € 350,- per piece.
Ordering by email (, Whatsapp, Facebook chat or from one of our sales managers.

Practical proven breeding and hoof trimming!


KI Samen is the biggest privat A.I. station in the Netherlands. Besides and A.I. Station they also have a nice dairy farm in Grashoek, The Netherlands.
This month CowCare has delivered a new 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush and 200-1 alloy gate system to their dairy farm. With that we replaced a 5 year old electtric crush from one of our concurrents, which already was at the end of its life time.
Dairy farm Grashoek has chosen for a crush with a lot of hydraulic options, where their hoof trimmer can trim the cows in a standing position and with the highest safety for both cows and hoof trimmers.
We wish dairy farm Grashoek lots of working pleasure with their new hofo trimming crush from CowCare. For more information about KI Samen, click here: 
And for more information about dairy farm Grashoek, click here:

CowCare end of the year/new year action!


Every client ordering products from us between 5 December (Saint Nicolas day in the Netherlands) and 31 January 2018 recieves from us an attention in its package/pallet. So make sure to order in these 2 months with us and be surprised what we send you to survive the winter days.


CowCare introduces the Hoof-Tite COLD Edition glue (210ml) in Europe!


Hands are cold, feet are wet and glue needs to be heated up. The weather is changing and hoof trimmers all over the world are experiencing the cold weather.

Right in time! Hoof-Tite introduces its new Hoof-Tite Cold Edition. A product, which does not surpass its competitor with its design but with a stronger and faster setting time!

After pressing the two-components through the mixing tip the glue turns blue. Blue like the strength of hard solid ice! The setting time of the Hoof-Tite COLD Edition is amazing and beats all others in the market.

Over the past month, CowCare customers have tested the new Hoof-Tite Cold Edition. Now, after we have received back all the positive feedback, we want to introduce the new Hoof-Tite Cold Edition to you.

Normal price: € 21,95 per piece. In December and January for the introduction price of € 19,95! It’s time to leave colorlous and green and go for blue! GLUE BLUE GLUE!


CowCare SIA gains the title “Strongest in Latvia 2017”


Proudly we inform you that CowCare SIA has got the title of “Strongest in Latvia 2017”. This title is only given to the 5% best companies in Latvia, which have the highest credit rating and support a stable economic structure in Latvia. Every company is measured following 100 different points which need to be following highest standards. Thanks to our team and our clients!

Visit CowCare SIA on Cremona exhibtion => Pavillion 1, stand 653!


Proudly we announce to be standing on Cremona exhibtion from Wednesday 25 October till Saturday 28 October. On our stand we will exhibit 6 crushes. From KVK we will have the KVK 800-1 professional hoof trimming crush and the KVK650-SP2 hydraulic crush.
From WOPA we have the new innovative WOPA SA0061 professional hoof trimming crush, the WOPA SA0049, the WOPA SA0039B and the WOPA SA0026 standing on the stand.
Also you will have the possibility to get all nessecary information about the Alu-Hooftrimmer crushes.
And we have a special introduction action with the innovative Hoof-Tite MAX MIX 200 ml glue!
We would like to invite all our clients and everyone interested to visit us in pavillion 1, stand 653. See you in Cremona!


Start up with 650SP2 in Italy


We are happy to see also new hoof trimmers choose our hoof trimming crushes. For example the model 650SP2 in the picture has been delivered to a young hoof trimmer in the north of Italy. The lower weight and the different hydraulic options (elevator, belly bands, front legs, back legs) make the crush suitable for young hoof trimmers to start with. We wish our client in Italy lots of working pleasure with the new SP2!

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