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Coming soon: The New CowCare Website!


We are happy to announce that CowCare is entering a new era with a fresh website redesign!

What will be new?

  • updated design
  • all products now in one place
  • more user-friendly
  • easier to navigate
  • get to know us better
  • new blog

Be prepared!

Even if you already have an account in the CowCare store, you might not be able to get in right away when the new website is launched.
Do not fear! Your account still exists, you only will have to change the password!
Here’s what to do!
Do not make a new account! Simply click “Forgot the password” and set up a new password for your account!
Still can’t get in?
If for some reason it still doesn’t work, get in touch with your sales manager!

Information about European Union funding


SIA CowCare is investing in digitization and automation of resource management processes within the framework of Lavia’s Recovery and Resilience Facility Plan, Component 2 “Digital Transformation”,
2.2. Reform and Investment Direction “Digital Transformation of Businesses and Innovation”
2.2.1.r. “Creation of Full-Cycle Support for the Digital Transformation of Business with Regional Scope” Investment “Support for Digitization of Processes in Commercial Activity”


Application No. DIGI/2023/3 “Application for Digitization Grant”

LIAA Agreement No. 12.2-21/2023/11


The goal of the project is to implement the digital transformation of the company by introducing a new and customized resource management system that will automate daily work and introduce the use of new functions. As a result of the project, and increase in the level of digitization of the company’s resource management process is expected. In general, as a result of the implementation of the project, the amount of manual work will be reduced, providing the possibility to perform several functions automatically or to add them with the help of a few clicks, as well as the possibility to perform new functions that were not possible to perform at all in the existing programs will be provided.


Total project costs: 77 536.25 EUR

European Union funding: 46 521.75EUR

Duration of project implementation: 10.2023.-07.2024.

#NextgenEU, #InvestEU

Get ready! A new claw glue is coming soon!


Something big is on the horizon at CowCare! We’ve been diligently crafting a new solution to elevate your hoof care game, and the anticipation is reaching its peak!

Our team has embarked on a secret mission to work on a new claw glue, for which many of you have already been waiting. It’s not just any glue; it’s a game-changer. Faster, reliable, safe, strong, and bound to redefine the way you attach hoof blocks.

Stay tuned for the grand reveal, where we’ll introduce you to this exceptional product and offer an exclusive, limited-time opportunity that you won’t want to miss. Get those curious eyes ready, because something extraordinary is about to unfold. 👀🐄✨

First-ever CowCare Demo Day


On Monday, 19 June, we organized our first CowCare demo-day for interested hoof trimmers, where we showed the ANKA PRO 2.0 in a farm situation and the PRO Accumulator with the extended U-trailer. 

For the demonstration with cows in the chute we worked together with John Boonstra from John has been working with a PRO2.0 chute for over a year and knows all the ins and outs.

The differences between the PRO2.0 and the Accumulator were discussed as well as all the options we offer for transport and cow flow (gate systems).

A very enthusiastic group of attendees showed us that there is a large interest in the PRO chutes and therefore we have decided to copy these demo days to other countries!

🔴👉🏻 If you are interested in a demo day in your neighborhood, please feel free to contact your personal manager or CowCare directly!

We want to thank John Boonstra and family for their input and of course all visitors for their interest!  💐

Team Training in CowCare


We are proud to say that the CowCare team is constantly expanding its knowledge and skill set. In order to do that, we held a team training.
The team spent two excellent days in Dzintarkrasts training and developing our skills in order to provide the best possible service to our existing and new clients!
From in-depth knowledge to having fun at the beach, our sales team training was an enjoyable and motivating experience that will help us in our everyday tasks.
We couldn’t ask for a better team to learn and grow with in the realm of hoof trimming and care!

New packaging!


The same great quality replacement blades, different packaging

We would like to let you know that during the upcoming months we are replacing the black boxes of  replacement blades for hoof trimming with red ones! While the inserts themselves remain the same great quality and sharpness, only the packaging is changing to be more bold, noticeable and in line with the well known CowCare branding.

* You might still receive a black box until the replacement process is completely done.

Registration for STS2023 is still open!


Don’t worry! You haven’t missed anything – it is still possible for you to register for the attendance of Summer Trimming School 2023!


  • NORMAL FEE: 460€


  • 3 TYPICAL SPANISH MEALS (lunch on July 3rd, dinner on July 3rd, lunch on July 4th)

We will be there!

This is a great chance to learn new things by going to lectures given by experts in the hoof care field, meet fellow hoof trimmers and farmers, and have some fun!

There will be practical workshops on how to deal with cattle, maintenance of the crush, test different trimming discs, blocking techniques and so on. We will also have experts talking about farm management, the future of hoof trimming and innovations in the sector. And of course, the well-known World Trimming Cup!

Register here:

ANKA CORE can be yours in 1.5 months!


The production time of ANKA CORE has been shortened!

Great news for all dairy farmers and ANKA CORE enthusiasts out there!
The production time of the hoof trimming chute ANKA CORE has been reduced to 1.5months❗️
Do not hesitate and get a trusted, fast and easy-to-use crush right now with CowCare!

Why choose ANKA CORE?

The CORE, a galvanized hydraulic hoof trimming chute, is an ideal solution for every dairy farmer who has 150 cows or more.

The ANKA CORE hydraulic hoof trimming chute is developed with 30 years of experience and co-development with its clients, therefore the CORE meets all the requirements and future demands of dairy farms. Its operational reliability and well-established construction make it one of the best crushes for dairy farmers in the world.

Learn more HERE.

ANKA CORE hoof trimming crush

New Product! FARM 2.0 chute is here


We are delighted to share our news – the ANKA FARM 2.0 hoof trimming crush is here and it is ready to be ordered!

ANKA FARM 2.0 hydraulic hoof trimming chute is a must-have chute for modern dairy farmers who are looking for a highly ergonomic, versatile, sturdy and powerful solution for their hoof trimming needs.

The FARM 2.0 hydraulic hoof trimming chute is a powerful and efficient solution for every dairy farmer who has 1000 cows or more. The ANKA FARM 2.0 hoof trimming chute is the top-seller in the biggest farms of the USA, Mexico, Europe and Saudi Arabia. It provides the same working standard as ANKA’S Professional models, adapted to fixed farm trim necessities.

Some of the features of FARM 2.0:

  • Fully hydraulic
  • Crush lifting up to 73 cm
  • Stainless steel
  • Silent motor pump helicoidal- 9,6 CC
  • Fast, safe and ergonomic
  • Curtains available
  • Switchboard protection
  • Adaptations for bulls available as professional models
  • Not movable

Learn more about FARM 2.0 chute: CLICK HERE!

Big thanks to Nutysa, SA de CV in Mexico for these amazing pictures!

Get in touch with our sales managers to get more information about the chute or to buy one!

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