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Introduction new product: CowCare moveable hoof bath


CowCare has developed in cooperation with one of its clients (which is a certified hoof trimmer) a hoof bath for dairy farmers and service providing companies. We have in combination with the help of several dairy farms succeeded in making a CowCare hoof bath which is long enough to make efficient and safe hoof bathing possible for the cows.

The CowCare hoof bath is made of a combination of galvanized metal, stainless steel and alloy. A total weight of 400 kilograms makes it stable and heavy enough to stay in the place when the cows are going through it. The CowCare hoof bath has a loading eye on top, which makes it easy for the farmer to move it in and out of the barn with a tractor with front loader.

On the side, there is made a special place to connect the water hose for filling the bath. The water exit has an extra-large exit, which makes fast emptying of the bath possible.

The CowCare hoof bath can be easily fixed in both farms with slatted floors and solid floor barns.

Product features at a glance

  • Fast setup time
  • Easy to clean
  • Length ensures excellent treatment of all legs
  • Loading eye on top makes it possible to put it away after using
  • Stable and safe for the cows
  • Sustainable because of the combination of galvanized metal, stainless steel and alloy

Specifications in use

  • Length without gates: 3 meters
  • Wide: 0,9 meter
  • Height: 2,20 meters
  • Capacity: 300 litres
  • Dept filled: max 25 centimetre


  • Contact us for the introduction price which is valid till 15-05-2018


P.S.: We are looking for distributors for this foot bath in several countries. Feel free to contact us.

CowCare Hoof Bath back

Internship Polish market – Oliver Larysz


We would like to introduce to you Oliver Larysz. Oliver has started his internship in our company and will focus on the website and on the Polish market. Because he is speaking fluent Polish, English and German he can help our sales managers in different markets.
Oliver is studying International Business and Management at the Hanze University in Groningen, the Netherlands and he will write his Bachelor thesis for CowCare. For Polish clients which want to contact him in Polish, please send an email to:

We are happy to have him in our team! 


Get to know our team: Irene


Based in Venice, Irene is our manager for the Italian market since 2016. She is in her last year of the study Veterinary Medicine at the University of Padua. Irene loves travelling and good food. For Italy she is responsible for the contacts with the professional hoof trimmers and she can be reached under the email: or by phone on: 0039 366 426 74 20.

Second sales manager for Italian market


For the Italian market we have found a second sales manager. Her name is Roberta Turato and she has studied Veterinary Medicine at the University of Padua. 
Roberta has already supported us on the CowCare stand during the exhibition in Cremona last year. So she is already partly worked in. 
Roberta will be responsible for the farmer side of the Italian market. She can be contacted on the following email: or under telephone number 
Welcome in the team!

We are looking for new colleague!


CowCare is growing and therefore we have a new job advertisement. Are you the new colleague we are looking for? See the details in the advertisement. Sharing and liking by social media will be appreciated!


Changes on the 800-1 hoof trimming crush


From November 2018 KVK produces its 800-1 without a transformer. The reason is that the old transformer was intervening with the electricity supply for the LED lights and the computer screen. This could cause black outs, which should not happen. Because the European standard in farms already for many years is the 380V 16A plug with 5 pins in it, KVK decided to take the transformer off. 
We at CowCare have decided to put a new transformer in the pricelist as an extra option, for those clients which have clients that don’t have the 5 pins system but an older electricity system. With the older 4 pins system the 220V will not work on the crush. 
Now all clients can decide themselves if they need the transformer or not. 


CowCare goes Sicily!


This week we delivered a brand new galvanized 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush to one of our client in Sicily, in the south of Italy. This client has been working the past 3 years with a 650-SP2 hydraulic crush and the amount of cows which need to be trimmed is increasing, making it time to upgrade to a 800-1. The old hoof trimming crush has found a new owner also in Italy.
Our client has chosen for a galvanised version of the 800-1 and for a 5 function remote control. The remote control can be used for the front gate, back gate, elevator, double belly bands and for the front winch if you want to pull in a cow.
Next to the crush he also purchased a fastloader trailer with remote control which makes loading and unloading of the crush very fast.
We wish Giovanni lots of pleasant working hours with his new crush!
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