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New 650SP2 delivered in Czech Republic


Last month we delivered a 650SP2 hoof trimming chute with 200-1 gate system to Mr. Vencovsky in the Czech Republic. Yesterday we received the first pictures of him working with it. He is enjoying his new chute till the maximum. Fun in hoof trimming, that’s important. Keep up the good work!

More information about the 650SP2 hoof trimming chute you can find here: https://cowcare.eu/product/650-sp2-h-hoof-trimming-crush-chute-cows/

Our first rental crush is already in fully action


On Saturday the 30th of November 2019 Jan Brand-Kruth visited our customer Klauenpflege Klewin.

Nico recently set up his own business and decided to bridge the waiting period for his new SA0051 with our SA0051 rental crush. Of course, we were interested in how satisfied Nico is with the rental crush. So, Jan decided to visit him at hoof trimming.

As you can see in the pictures, Nico is already busy trimming claw by claw. His feedback on the crush: The crush is running great. A good decision!

If you have any questions about our rentals simply follow this link: Chute for rent or contact us directly.

Christmas action at CowCare!


We start December with our yearly CowCare Christmas action!
Every client which places an order for € 500,- or more in products in the period between 01-12-2019 and 15-01-2020 gets one CowCare “Proud to be a Hoof Trimmer!” body warmer for FREE with his/her order*. Please inform us when ordering about the size you need.

  • Conditions:
    – One bodywarmer per order.
    – Available as long as they are on stock.

We wish you already a great December holiday time!

Review: 7th Federal Show Blonde d’Aquitaine


On the 22nd – 23rd of November, breeders of the breed Blonde d’Aquitaine were allowed to present their high-quality animals at the 7th National Show Blonde d’Aquitaine.

In different classes, the breeders had to prove themselves in the ring and in front of experts. The evaluation in the ring was conducted by two judges. The final decision was not always easy due to the high quality of each animal.

The general process was very smooth and well organized.

On Friday, the breeders could bring their animals to the Münsterlandhalle in Cloppenburg to prepare them for show on the next day. After the preparation ahd finished, the evening ended with a meal with all participants (member) (a delicious 400g Blonde d’Aquitaine) followd by fruitfull conversation.

On Saturday it became serious. In groups, the breeders led their animals into the ring to hold their own against the competition. After a very interesting day filled with many beautiful animals and interesting conversations, the evening ended.

At this point we would like to thank Thomas Bittner again for his invitation and the association Blonde d’Aquitaine for the beautiful and very interesting day.

Additional information:

• Blonde d’Aquitaine website with pictures of the show: 7th Federal Show Blonde d’Aquitaine

Chute for rent!


Did you know that you can also rent a chute at CowCare (only for clients in the European Union)? We provide this extra service for our customers and it is especially interesting if:
– You are a new company and have ordered a chute with us. During the time your new chute is produced you can start working already with a rental chute.
– Your chute broke down and you needs fast a temporary replacement.
– You have to much cows to trim and split your team up and need an extra chute for the extra team.
– You want to try out that specific model for a month to see if it works for you.
– Your wife also wants to trim cows. 
And probably a million other reasons why you would like to rent a chute from CowCare.

At the moment we have one WOPA SA41/51 available for rent (a second WOPA SA51 is already rented out). And soon we also will offer a KVK 800-1 for rent. Check our CowCare page below for all the details!

CowCare – The specialists in hoof trimming equipment and products!

CowCare wants to inform!


How often have you not found all the products at first sight when opening your packages?

To offer you a sharp delivery price and to reduce the overall amount of packages and rubbish, our distribution center makes sure it uses the full space of a package.

In order to make it easy for you to see which package is a mixed package, you will now find a new sticker attached.

We hope this makes it more easy to check your delivery.

Taking care of clients satisfaction and understanding.

Your CowCare Team

VKKD Seminar October 2019


Only through continuous training, we keep up to date and can make sure that we are up to date.

With this in mind, Jan Brand-Kruth participated in the VKKD seminar in October. The seminar lasted over two days and was filled with practical lectures and workshops.

On the website of the VKKD a summary and pictures of the days can be found (https://www.vkkd.eu/rückblicke/).

We would like to thank the VKKD for the organization and the University of Leipzig for the presentations and the facilitation in the practical part.

We look forward to further cooperation with all involved.

Your CowCare Team

*The picture gallery shown here was provided by VKKD member Arthur Andresen. Thanks for that!

Win a Hoof-Tite product package!


Good news for all hoof trimmers in Europe and all CowCare clients. Together with Taylor from Hoof-Tite USA we have decided that all hoof trimmers in Europe can participate in a raffle/lottery of Hoof-Tite. The package which you can win includes two cases of Hoof Tite glue, two bags of mixing tips, two wunder sauces, trimming apron, two hats, and a shirt. Packaged values at € 700,-! Raffle/lottery begins today (14-11) and the winner will be picked Friday December 6th.

For details on how to get entered into the raffle when you are a hoof trimmer in Europe, contact:
Hens Mekking by FB messenger/Phone/Whatsapp: +371 2917 2713
Email: info@cowcare.eu

Informative Italian claw health symposium


Last week the symposium “La salute del piede” (trans: the claw health) was organized for Italian veterinarians, hoof trimmers and farmers in Parma and Milan.

Both days were visited by more then 50 active participants and the symposium was organized by Viking Genetics and Genesi Projects in cooperation with CowCare Italia. During the two interesting and good visited days in Parma an Milan the focuss was on claw health in general. Specific topics addressed were animal welfare, claw health illnesses and the economic loss for dairy farms. For all our clients which were not able to particpate we have made a short movie with an impression of both days which you can find below or on our YouTube channel.

During the day all the participants had the possibility to get informed about the different models of hoof trimming chutes CowCare Italia offers on the Italian market and also about the different products we offer. During the live demonstrations DD-Delete, TAPE&CARE bandages, TP blocks and our Hoof-Tite COLD glue were used.

Big thanks to Viking Genetics, Genesi Projects, the speakers and CiaoLatte and Bonetti Farm for the excellent organization of these days. We also want to thank all visitors and specially two of our clients for showing their hoof trimming chutes during these interesting days.

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