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Full range of TP blocks now available at CowCare!


At CowCare our customers now can get all sizes and models of the TP blocks. We have stocked up and everything available for shipping. This innovative new generation orthopaedic blocks for professional claw treatment is entirely made of polyurethane, a highly abrasion-resistant material. Available in orange and blue , as well as thin, normal and XXL. Also the IRON block we have on stock. The orange color blocks are a bit more solid then the blue ones, so for every problem we have the perfect block.

These TP blocks work very nice with the Hoof-Tite COLD, MAX MIX and HOT glue which we have also in our assortment. For more information or a price quotation, contact us by email: info@cowcare.eu or Whatsapp 00371 2917 2713.



We have the new hoof trimmer pricelist for 2020 ready. With thanks to all our loyal customers we have been able to reduce on several positions the prices. For example the Hoof-tite HOT we are now able to deliver very sharp. We have started now also working with the new prices.

If you want to recieve the new pricelist, please contact your manager, send an email to info@cowcare.eu, send us a Whatsapp on 00371 2917 2713.

Important: Package delivery update!


Our transport company informed us that the delivery of packages to the following countries can be delayed because of the Corona pandemic:
Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chili, Egypt, Estonia, India, Jordan, Japan, South-Korea, Libanon, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, United States and Italy.

Delivery to the following countries have been stopped:
Kuwait and Moldavia.

Every client recieves when their packages leave from our stock an email with a link in which they can follow their packages. Please check yourself the link regular to be informed and keep patient.

The packages send to the countries where no delivery is possible will be send back to our stock. CowCare will re-send these packages when the borders are open again. This can take some time, so please be patient.

Keep healthy!
The CowCare Team.

Coronavirus update from CowCare


As the coronavirus is spreading fast over the world, we at CowCare have taken pre-cautions for the health of our customers and our employees.

We are fully operational and continue our work for our customers. Products will be send out to customers as long as transport companies continue their work. We saw this crisis developing and therefor have stocked up the most used products. So we keep on supplying you. Ordering is possible as usual by email (info@cowcare.eu), phone or Whatsapp.

Important notice: All visits to customers have been cancelled and customers are not allowed to visit the CowCare offices.

Keep safe and healthy!

Digital Dematitis a problem?


Through close cooperation with Finish experts, the DD-DELETE hoof tar was developed. DD-DELETE is a safe and efficient product for professional livestock care and is manufactured in the developer owned manufacturing facilities in Finland.

Good claw health is one of the most significant production animal welfare factors and also a key factor for the producer. In the majority (approx. 90%) of cases, the cause of lameness is in the hooves. If the animals do not move sufficiently or at all, both health- and production-related problems may arise. Acute cases must be treated quickly and efficiently.

DD-DELETE is used by our clients in dealing with diseases such as digital dermatitis (Mortellaro), interdigital overgrowth, interdigital skin inflammation, heel warts, etc. For the best possible results, DD-DELETE is applied directly on the area to be treated and then wrapped with a dressing / bandage which should be removed after 4-5 days.

In addition, DD-DELETE has a fresh tar odour, and is easy and accurately applied with a dispensing gun. It is recommended to wear protective gloves during application. To avoid serious financial losses and claw problems, it is recommended to treat cows with claw problems immediately and in a hoof trimming rhythm of 2-3 times a year.

Try it? Contact us by email: info@cowcare.eu or by Whatsapp: 00371 2917 2713.

NEW: CowCare Electric chute, first one already delivered!


As we have seen a large demand for a farmer chute with very simple electric engines for lifting the front and back legs and the belly band, we have decided to put one of these chutes in our assortment. We have not yet implemented it fully on our website, but the first one is already sold to a dairy farmer from the east of the Netherlands.

This CowCare electric chute is very sharp in price, equipped with 5 engines: One under each front leg holder, two for the belly band and one for the back leg. This chute is fully galvanized and is standard equipped with gates on both sides, anti slip floor, extra wide on the back side, wide belly band, wide front gate for leaving the chute easy, angle grinder holder, two electrcity contacts, LED working light, emergency stops etc.
As said a fully equipped electric farmer chute for a very sharp price.

Interested in it, check here for more information: CowCare electric chute

More interested in a chute with heavy engines: SA0026 Hoof Trimming chute

Change of sales manager for German market


Hereby we inform you that Jan Brand-Kruth, our sales manager for the German market is leaving his function at CowCare on 31-03-2020. From the time being the care of our German speaking customers will be taken over by Hens Mekking till the moment we have found a good replacer for Jan.

We want to thank Jan for the development on the German market for CowCare and for his input within CowCare. We wish him good luck in a new future job.

The email, telephone number and Whatsapp stay the same.
Email: deutschland@cowcare.eu
Tel/Whatsapp: 0049 (0)157 508 566 13

When 3 clients with 4 chutes combine their strength!


Four chutes from the Dutch Hoof Health Center, Damink Klauwverzorging and Hardeman Klauwverzorging working together in a large farm in the east of the Netherlands. An impressive sight. Combined with alloy gates to make the cow traffic go easy, this guarantees that this large farm has trimmed its cows fast and with low stress.

Very nice to see.

For more info about the chutes standing here, look here: https://cowcare.eu/product/800-1-h-hoof-trimming-crush-chute-cows/

For more info about the alloy gates, look here: https://cowcare.eu/product/gate-system-lead-pen-model-200-1/

For more info about the glue they are using, click here: https://cowcare.eu/product-category/adhesives-blocks/hoof-tite/

For more info about the care products, click here: https://cowcare.eu/product-category/hoof-care-products/care-products/

A great exhibition in January in Verona, Italy


We showed several hoof trimming chutes on our booth, the new foot bath we have and a large range of products like the DD-Delete, Hoof-Tite and other products. A good amount of interested visitors we have spoken on our booth. We would like to thank all our clients and visitors!
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