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Autumn has arrived, so it’s time for an action!


Buy two boxes of RED or BLUE TAPE&CARE self-adhesive bandages (288 pcs) and get a CowCare wrapcutter (60 cm) for FREE!

And yes this means that if you take more boxes you will get more wrapcutters. The TAPE&CARE is ofcourse for the same sharp price as always.

The Action goes from 29-09 till 31-10.

More information about the TAPE&CARE self-adhesive bandages you can find here:

Ordering is possible through email (, FB messenger, Whatsapp (00371 2917 2713) or by phone.

Last week we had visitors from the Czech Republic


Last week we had visitors from the Czech Republic, which were interested to see and compare different professional hoof trimming chutes. When choosing the correct hoof trimming chute, a lot of different factors are important, for example: way of transport, size of herds, amount of hoof trimmers per chute etc etc. At CowCare we try to find the perfect chute for every person/company and you are free to ask our clients if we are succesfull in that.

Also interested in purchasing a new hoof trimming chute and need advice which chute would fit best with your situation?

Feel free to contact us!

Seghers Klauwverzorging working with a SA0051 with a CowCare trolley wheel:

More info about SA0051 here: SA0051 Hoof Trimming Crush
And about the Trolley here: CowCare Trolley Wheel

Middelveld Klauwverzorging working with  an Alu-Hooftrimmer CC01:

More info about the CC01 here: Alu-Hooftrimmer CC01

Scholten Klauwverzorging working with a SA0061 Track-Drive:

More info about the SA0061 TD here: SA0061 Track-Drive Hoof Trimming Crush

Question from one of our clients: “How does the WHITE LINE DD-Delete look like?”


We can answer that question quickly. See below picture.

In the last 2 weeks we have seen a lot of clients interested in this care product. For the ones which haven’t tried it yet; the action is still valid in combination with the DD-DELETE.

First want to read a bit more about the product? Also possible:

Or contact us directly for questions or ordering.

CowCare were present at the Finnish Hoof Trimmers meeting


Last week CowCare were present at the Finnish Hoof Trimmers meeting in Kuopio area, Finland. A good amount of interested hoof trimmers. Different hoof trimming chutes were presented and for CowCare we showed the Alu-Hooftrimmer CC01 and the CC02 Hoof Trimming Crushes. Big thanks for Jouko, Marko and Heli for their support, trimming and showing their Alu-Hooftrimmers. And thanks of course for the organisation which made this possible.

HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH 650-SP3 now online!


It took some time, but you can now also find all details about the newest hoof trimming chute 650-SP3 on our website. This chute developed for professional hoof trimmers is a good option for start ups. With the full option package which is also nuild on the 800-1, but for a far sharper price, we expect a lot of this hoof trimming chute in the market. At the moment we have several already working in the field.

With the low weight of 930 kilograms it is easy moveable chute and can be expanded to a fast set up with the 200-0 gate system and the CowCare trolley wheel.

Read more about this chute here: 650-SP3 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH/CHUTE FOR COWS

CowCare introduces WHITE LINE DD-DELETE®


After the succesful introduction of DD-DELETE last year, which has proven its worth for many hoof trimmers as an excellent care product, we now are introducing a new product: WHITE LINE DD-DELETE. This care product consists of honey combined with salicylic acid. We see an increasing amount of problems with white line diseases in the field and therefore this is an urgent topic to tackle this problem. WHITE LINE DD-DELETE comes in the same handy cartridge and can be dispensed with a dispensing gun, just like the DD-DELETE.
To introduce the WHITE LINE DD-DELETE in the market we now have a nice action: Buy 6 pieces of DD-DELETE and 6 pieces of WHITE LINE DD-DELETE and you get 5% discount on the toal sum. For information or ordering, please contact us.

Important notice: Side import of old Hoof-Tite MAX MIX in Europe


Important notice: Side import of old Hoof-Tite MAX MIX in Europe (batch number: M8-503-23) discovered.

We would like to inform you that at the moment a large company from the Netherlands/Belgium is trying to sell OLD Hoof-Tite MAX MIX for extremely low prices (between € 13,50 and € 14,50 per tube).
CowCare has as official distributor for Hoof-Tite glue, got complaints from clients from different countries which have bought this glue from that company.

Because we stand for the quality of the brands we represent, we have investigated these cases and want to share with you the following information:

  • The old MAX MIX which is being sold by this company is produced beginning 2018 and far over its shelf life of 12 months. See also the pictures with this message, which shows the batch number: M8- 503-23.
  • The old MAX MIX from this company has been side imported through probably Canada into Europe.
  • The company selling the old MAX MIX still has, as we are informed, a large amount of these cartridges on stock and will try to sell them all over Europe.

CowCare stands for service, quality and knowledge and therefore we want to make clear:

  • All clients afraid of having received somewhere old Hoof-Tite MAX MIX can contact us preferably by Whatsapp (00371 2917 2713) with a photo of the batch number (the batch number you can find on the cartridge and on the box) and the company where they have bought it. We fast can inform you if your glue is new or old.
  • We cannot give a guarantee on MAX MIX bought from this specific company, but we can make a good offer for you for new fresh MAX MIX.
  • Our official subdealers all have the correct and good MAX MIX glue in stock. Contact us to find out if there is a subdealer for MAX MIX in your country.
  • CowCare ensures that we never have glue older then 6 months on stock. Why? Because old glue is losing its quality, resulting in blocks falling off, which again results in complaining farmers, loss of profit for the hoof trimmer and a bad commercial for a excellent brand which we represent.

Lets keep the hoof trimming business clear and clean for all of us. 

If you have any questions, remarks or concerns to discuss, feel free to contact us directly by phone, Whatsapp (00371 29172713), FB messenger or email (

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