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Delivery WORLDWIDE and meeting clients WORLDWIDE!


Last weeks we have been to different places in Europe! Two weeks ago Germans Hoof Trimmers Meeting in Echem,  last week organized a CowCare event in France and keep on doing it this week. Last week in the Netherlands we had client day with some hobby activities and next week we will be already in Italy to visit our great customers!

If you want to see where to meet our team check our event calendar:



That was fun! Our CowCare client day was great in France.  Interesting lectures by William Davy (ClawCare) and Adrian Gonzalez (Anka Hoof Care) followed by a practical demonstration of low-stress cow handling by Roger Seron and a demonstration of Matthieu Evrard with his self propelled ANKA chute with IRMANS system. After that, a demonstration with the new extended U-trailer and ANKA Mover and finished with a practical workshop about pressure on the cows claws by William Davy. And last but not least a nice dinner with a very tastefully grilled pig and some good French wine and cider.

Big thanks to the Zijp family for having us on their nice dairy farm and big thanks to all the visitors and the lecturers. And yes, we will start thinking about the next CowCare client day in France. For the ones who missed it, enjoy the pictures.

Meet our new team member Stefano


We are expanding in Europe and our team is growing to be available to give optimal service to all our clients from different countries! Our new colleague Stefano will take care of our clients from Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, and Israel.

If you are from the above countries and have questions about ANKA chutes, spare parts, or professional products for hoof trimming you can contact Stefano, and he will help you!
Stefano would like to introduce himself briefly: “I’ve always had a passion for animals and loved nature. I’m glad to meet people who share the same interests and have a chance to help them in taking care of their farms and animals. Let’s grow together and make our passions and values our strength.

Chute for rent: ANKA PRO2.0 hoof trimming chute with High Performance Integrated Barrier gates system


Chute for rent: ANKA PRO2.0 hoof trimming chute with High Performance Integrated Barrier gates system, CowCare fast track gate system and a U-trailer. An ideal way to start up your hoof trimming career or to get an extra chute running without investing directly in a new one. ANKA PRO 2.0 hydraulic hoof trimming chute running on 380V. High Performance Integrated Barrier gate system which holds one cow, connected to the chute. CowCare fast track gate system, to be fitted to the 1st part of the HPIB barrier. U-trailer for moving everything efficient and safely, ensures fast setup of the chute.

Options on the chute:

  • Remote control for the front gate
  • Front winch
  • Lifting lug on top of chute
  • Extra angel grinder holder on the right back side.

For rental chutes, check here:


From now on the prices are subject to change without notice


At the moment we see price changes from our suppliers on a monthly and sometimes even daily basis, caused by production shortages, shortage of transport possibilities, fluctuations in raw material availability and fluctuating prices etc.
Till now CowCare has covered unforeseen rises in prices and buffered for shortages in products, but we have come to a point that the supply market is so unstable for certain products that we need to adapt to it to have stable amounts of products for all our clients on stock.
Because of these unstable production forecasts from some of our suppliers CowCare has decided to change the prices without notice. This means that all farmer, hoof trimmer and distributor price lists for products are changed from 01/06/2022.
Please ask your sales manager for the most actual prices.
p.s. Besides above, the transport market is unstable at the moment, and this might result in your products being sent with package post instead of pallet delivery. If this is an issue, please contact your sales manager.

In the following video you can see ANKA hoof trimmers doing their regular visits


In the following video you can see ANKA hoof trimmers doing their regular visits in farms trimming 60 till 160 cows at a visit.  Mauricio and Miguel Antonio working with an ANKA PRO 2.0 with a High Performance Integrated Barrier. 

They have a good coordination and trim the cow under 1 minute and a half. ANKA have their own hoof trimmers who regularly visit farms in that way all new options and inovations on ANKA crushes have been tested by themselves before they are offered to clients!

Action: Order 12 Zinpro Claw Bandage ADAPTARAP, biodegradable & get CowCare Spray Bottle for easy work FOR FREE!


Order 12 Zinpro Claw Bandage ADAPTARAP, biodegradable, 12 cm x 10 m (4x set of 3 rolls) CODE: 30050123 & get CowCare Spray Bottle (CODE: 28010103) for easy work FOR FREE!

ORDER ONLINE NOW:–bandages/g-192-tapes–bandages/s-264-tapes–bandages/p-6368-zinpro-claw-bandage-adaptarap-biodegradable-12-cm-x-10-m-set-of-3-rolls

Offer valid:

  • For orders which are based on our hoof trimmers price list
  • From 23-05-2022 till 30-06-2022 or while products are available in stock.



We run out of stock of Hoof-Tite HOT Glue: two-part adhesive, 220 ml (CODE: 130504114) and we stop this action from 21/05/2022.

No worries! All orders from this deal will be delivered with the same price!

Keep on ordering products online, Hoof-Tite Hot Glue will be back in stock soon! 

Get the best deals for hoof trimmers on CowCare Online Store!

Great news for German-speaking hoof trimmers!



We are growing more worldwide every day, and always looking for ways to reach our clients. From now on, we are more reachable for German-speaking professional hoof trimmers!

Today we are launching the NEW ONLINE STORE in GERMAN

Time for a new, easy, and fast way to order professional hoof trimming products! 

REGISTER if you are a new client or LOG IN if you are an existing CowCare client* & WIN A BOX FULL OF PRODUCTS in value of more than 1000€! 

You have a chance of winning the CowCare present box after your first order on our new Online Store!

It is full of CowCare bestsellers for hoof trimmers!

There are:

CowCare Red & Conic Hoof Trimming Disc, aluminum, 6 knives, 3 mm, open

TAPE&CARE Bandages & Bandage Remover

CowCare Bodywarmer – Pédicure Bovins et fière de l’être!

Hoof Tite Glues & Mixing Tips

CowCare Rubber Blocks

DD-Delete Gel & White Line DD-Delete Gel

Full-length Leather Apron

Your first order will participate in a lottery that will take a place on 15/06/202

Sounds great? Yes, it is! So start using our new Online STORE NOW!

This will be a great experience – you’ll find everything you need for professional hoof trimming.


Contact your regional manager with any questions!

Benedikt Jung

Sales Manager German-speaking market

The lottery is valid for the first order made in CowCare German Online Store.

Großartige Neuigkeiten für alle deutschsprachigen Klauenpfleger!
Wir wachsen täglich weltweit und versuchen für unsere internationale Kundschaft auf alle möglichen Arten erreichbar zu sein. Von nun an sind wir für alle deutschsprachigen Klauenpfleger noch besser erreichbar als jemals zuvor!
Heute starten wir mit unserem NEUEN ONLINE STORE in DEUTSCH
Ein neuer, einfacher und schneller Weg sich Produkte für die professionelle Klauenpflege zu bestellen!
MELDEN Sie sich An, falls Sie ein Neukunde sind, oder LOGGEN Sie sich EIN, wenn Sie bereits Kunde bei CowCare sind * & GEWINNNEN SIE EIN PAKET VOLLER PRODUKTE im Wert von über 1000€!
Mit Ihrer ersten Bestellung in unserem neuen Online Store haben Sie die Chance dieses CowCare Geschenkpaket zu gewinnen!
Es enthält alle CowCare Bestsellers für Klauenpfleger!
Enthalten sind:
  • CowCare Red & Conic Klauenscheibe, Aluminum, 6 Messer, 3 mm, offen
  • TAPE&CARE Bandagen & Bandagen Entferner
  • CowCare Thermoweste – Proud to be a Hoof Trimmer!
  • Hoof Tite Kleber & Mischkanülen
  • CowCare Gummiklötze
  • DD-Delete Gel & White Line DD-Delete Gel
  • Lange Lederschürze
Sie nehmen mit ihrer ersten Bestellung an unserer Verlosung teil, die am 14.06.2022 stattfinden wird.
Klingt großartig? Das ist es in der Tat! Nutzen Sie also unseren neuen Online STORE JETZT gleich!
Das ist eine fantastische Möglichkeit – hier finden Sie alles für die professionelle Klauenpflege auf einem Klick.
Bei weiteren Fragen wenden Sie sich einfach an ihren regionalen Verkaufsleiter
Benedikt Jung
Verkaufsleiter deutschsprachiger Markt
Für die Verlosung gilt nur Ihre erste Bestellung im deutschsporachigem CowCare Online Store.
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