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CowCare will be closed on King`s day!


Dear CowCare client,
We would like to inform you that CowCare will be closed for King`s day on 27th of April.

Please make your order on time till 22nd of April to get your goods till Holiday.

Deliveries will resume from 29th of April.


The CowCare team!

Chute cleaning product: SKY WE 64, new in our product range!


Nothing as irritating as a chute which isn’t clean. First of all a hoof trimming chute is your visit card when visiting your clients, second it just needs to be clean when travelling from farm to farm. But often the manure leaves a green/brown layer and on galvenized steel a protein layer makes it look old and dirty. (Yes, this also lowers the value of your chute).

At CowCare we now start offering a pre-cleaning foam which should prevent above from happening. SKY WE 64 is a light alkaline, nano-molecular and strongly concentrated pre-wash agent which should help you get your chute really clean and shiny again.

SKY WE 64 is available in 5 and 25 liter cans. Give it a try!

For more information, check our website: https://cowcare.eu/product-category/cleaning-product-for-chutes/

We have delivered to France, a CowCare electric chute with rocket speed!


Sent out yesterday and received already today! Big thanks to our logistics partner FreeWay Logistics for the fast delivery.
From now on, French dairy farmers will be able to have a close look to this handy CowCare Electric hoof trimming chute, in Normandy.

This electric hoof trimming chute is equipped with an electric engine for lifting the belly band and front and back legs. Also standard equipped with rear gates, LED work lights, tool holder, extra wide floor in the back, front leg hooks etc. As you can see the chute has pallet fork holders on the front and back.

We are convinced a lot of French dairy farmers will have a lot of working pleasure with the CowCare Electric hoof trimming chute!

For more information about the chute, click here: CowCare electric hoof trimming chute

New 800-1 for Abiant/Rundveepedicurecentrum in the Netherlands


A very emotional moment last week for Jan and Edwin, when they said goodbye to their old 800-1. Lucky for them, they got a new one with a nice trolley wheel with it so they can fast load and unload at the farms they visit!
We wish Jan and Edwin a lot of working pleasure with their new chute in the coming years!

New developments on the Alu-Hooftrimmer models!


We can now announce some new developments for the Alu-Hooftrimmer models CC01 and CC02. In close cooperation with several hoof trimmers working with our chutes, we have decided to realize a slightly different positioning of the front leg holders. This will be now standard on all new Alu-Hooftrimmers ordered from now on.

Also the front doors are standard extra reinforced on all new chutes, but this is already for longer time adjusted in the production process.

Another very promising development is the first Alu-Hooftrimmer with mover system on it. Our team soon will start working on the first version for a client of us. This new mover system will be build on chutes with a large 1350 kilogram axle which can be pulled behind the car. A mover makes faster setup and more easy handling of the chute in a farm possible and is especially interesting for clients which visit multiple farms per day.

We will keep you updated about this promising development!

More information about the Alu-Hooftrimmer

Happy Easter from CowCare!


Why do we need Easter bunnies if we have an Easter calf to hide the eggs? We at CowCare wish you all a Happy and Healthy Easter!

Photo: @Esther CowCare France

The CowCare team!

CowCare APRIL Offer!


Buy one box of RED or BLUE TAPE&CARE self-adhesive bandages (144 pcs) and get a CowCare bandage remover knife (60 cm) for FREE!

And yes this means that if you take more boxes you will get more bandage remover knifes. The TAPE&CARE is ofcourse for the same sharp price as always.

  • Action is valid for all orders, ordered from 01-04-2021 till 30-04-2021.
  • Only valid for orders following the normal hoof trimmer price list.

More information about the TAPE&CARE self-adhesive bandages you can find here: https://cowcare.eu/product/tapecare-red-claw-bandage/

More information about the CowCare bandage remover knife (60 cm): https://cowcare.eu/product/cowcare-bandage-remover-60cm/

For ordering, contact your personal manager.

Or by Whatsapp 00371 2917 2713 or email: info@cowcare.eu


Our Italian sales manager on the road again!


Irene our sales manager in Italy went to see some of our customers in Piedmont, a region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland.

This journey took her to the foot of the Monviso mountains, in the land of the wine Dolcetto d’Alba, at Prone Romano’s farm, one of the most well-known dairy farms in that region.

Irene has visited Paolo Quintavalla and had the possibility to see him in action with his new 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming chute. Paolo was working together with the Manzo brothers, both working with a 650-SP2.

Also in this area the understanding that bovine hoof trimming is an essential part of the dairy farming business has been developed fast in the last years. We are proud to see our customers do their job with so much fun and energy.

Thanks for the visit: @Paolo Quintavalla, @Roberto Rocci and @Enrico Manzo

CowCare is everyday by the side of hoof trimmers and farmers with knowledge and passion.

Contact us for more information by Whatsapp or phone on 00371 2917 2713 or by email: info@cowcare.eu. Or contact your personal manager.

The last days left for CowCare March offer!


Buy 5 tubes of DD-DELETE and get 1 cartridge for free.

This is cumulative, so with 10 DD-DELETE tubes you get 2 tubes etc. So take your chance and stock up with DD-DELETE!

  • Action is valid for all orders, ordered from 01-03-2021 till 31-03-2021.
  • Only valid for orders following the normal hoof trimmer price list.

More info about the DD-Delete you find here: https://cowcare.eu/product/dd-delete-care-product-hoof-trimming/

p.s. If you first want to try it, order our Starter kit (item number: 13052424), which contains DD-Delete, White line DD-Delete, our bandages, a dispensing gun and handy tool box. Price is € 59,95 per piece excl VAT and excl sending.

For ordering, contact your personal manager.

Or by Whatsapp 00371 2917 2713 or email: info@cowcare.eu

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