Hoof Trimming Training

CowCare offers worldwide training for farmers and professional hoof trimmers.

CowCare focuses on quality, knowledge and service. Combining these three aspects should result in optimal claw health for the cow, a well educated farmer and an optimal production.

CowCare offers effective training worldwide, which give you knowledge and understanding of how to improve the claw health on your farm.

One-week training hoof care international:

This training is meant for participants which would like to learn how to independently trim the hooves of (their) cows and solve claw diseases in a professional way.

Group size: max. 9 persons

The course is carried out in the region from which the participants come and onsite on the farm(s) of the participants.
– Arrival Monday
– Tuesday till Friday training
– Return on Saturday

If one way travel distance is 1500 kilometers or less, counted from the North of The Netherlands:

€ 3.700,- excl. food, lodging and travel expenses at € 0,35 per kilometer

This price includes working with brought along treatment boxes and hoof trimming materials.  The client then doesn’t need anything on location. All training crushes and materials will be brought along by the trainer.

If the training is further then 1500 kilometer or outside Europe:

€ 5.000,- including plane ticket, excluding food, lodging and local travel expenses

Price without brought along treatment boxes (only basic tools). The client needs to have his own hoof trimming crush(es), basic tools will be taken by trainer.

CowCare SIA can give a bonus if this training is ordered in combination with the following crushes: ANKA PRO 2.0ANKA PRO ACCUMULATOR.

Trainings are given by well educated trainers, which frequently give training in claw health worldwide.

The client needs to take care of arranging and paying for an interpreter who can translate from the local language into English or German.

Contact us for more information:

  • info@cowcare.eu
  • +371 2917 27130


CowCare SIA offers lectures about claw health, Dutch hoof trimming method and other subjects related to claw health. For a specific requests you can contact us anytime.

  • info@cowcare.eu
  • +31 64 22 88 638


Do you have questions related to claw health on your farm?
Our consultants will be pleased to help you find the answers.

Examples of questions from clients, answered by our consultants:

  • How to build a claw friendly barn?
  • My cows have some kind of illness in the claws. What kind of illness is it and how can I solve it?
  • How do I make a hooftrimming plan for my cows?

Also on-farm visits worldwide are possible, in combination with a training in claw health or hoof trimming.

For more information or an inquiry, feel free to contact us by phone or email:

  • info@cowcare.eu
  • +31 64 22 88 638