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2106, 2023

First-ever CowCare Demo Day


On Monday, 19 June, we organized our first CowCare demo-day for interested hoof trimmers, where we showed the ANKA PRO 2.0 in a farm situation and the PRO Accumulator with the extended U-trailer. 

For the demonstration with cows in the chute we worked together with John Boonstra from John has been working with a PRO2.0 chute for over a year and knows all the ins and outs.

The differences between the PRO2.0 and the Accumulator were discussed as well as all the options we offer for transport and cow flow (gate systems).

A very enthusiastic group of attendees showed us that there is a large interest in the PRO chutes and therefore we have decided to copy these demo days to other countries!

🔴👉🏻 If you are interested in a demo day in your neighborhood, please feel free to contact your personal manager or CowCare directly!

We want to thank John Boonstra and family for their input and of course all visitors for their interest!  💐

1506, 2023

Team Training in CowCare


We are proud to say that the CowCare team is constantly expanding its knowledge and skill set. In order to do that, we held a team training.
The team spent two excellent days in Dzintarkrasts training and developing our skills in order to provide the best possible service to our existing and new clients!
From in-depth knowledge to having fun at the beach, our sales team training was an enjoyable and motivating experience that will help us in our everyday tasks.
We couldn’t ask for a better team to learn and grow with in the realm of hoof trimming and care!
706, 2023

Nouvel emballage!


Les mêmes inserts de grande qualité, dans un différents emballages

Nous aimerions vous faire savoir que pendant les mois à venir, nous remplaçons les boîtes de lames noir par des boîtes rouges! Alors que les inserts eux-mêmes restent de la même qualité et netteté, seul l’emballage change pour être plus audacieux, notable et conforme à la marque de bien connue CowCare. 🔥

* Vous pourriez toujours recevoir une boîte noire jusqu’à ce que le processus de remplacement soit complètement terminé.

Événements à venir

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Du Chili à la Russie, de la Norvège à l’Inde – CowCare est reconnu mondialement pour ses trois principales valeurs : service, qualité et expertise. Nous sommes fiers d’être surnommés ‘ les spécialistes du parage des onglons‘ par nos clients. Depuis 2007 CowCare est devenu l’un des leaders des fournisseurs de produits pour le parage des onglons en Europe.

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