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2301, 2020

IRON blocks available at CowCare


An innovative new generation of orthopaedic insoles for professional claw treatment. The IRON BLOCK is entirely made of polyurethane, highly abrasion-resistant material.

In some cases this block could be an ideal solution to get a cow from lame back to normal. For example if you have cows with sole ulcers in both claws, or with thin soles in both claws.

The IRON block is now put in the assortiment of CowCare and can be ordered. Soon it will also stand on our new price list.

For more information please check our website: https://cowcare.eu/product/iron-block-brown-for-hoof-care/

2101, 2020

Improvements in 2020 on the 800-1


For us it is important that our clients are satisfied with the hoof trimming chutes they purchase from us. Therefor we do our best to get information about issues/improvements from the field and get them send through to the factory for updates on the new chutes.


An issue in the last year where the rolls which guide the ropes of the back legs. These rolls where made on the chute, but could not be taken off. If a roll breaks that ment cutting the metal, place a new roll and welt it together. This was far from ideal and in the factory they have worked hard on an improvement.


Herewith we show the new solution which from now on is standard on all chutes ordered (and standing in production at the moment). The rolls have been made more solid and it is now possible to replace the rolls very easy if needed. You take out the split spring and pull out the metal beam, replace the roll and put the metal beam back and fix it with the split spring. No cutting or welding of the metal is needed anymore.


For more information check our website: https://cowcare.eu/product/800-1-h-hoof-trimming-crush-chute-cows/


We want to thank our customers for thinking with us and improving the product!

2001, 2020

Digital dermatitis / Mortellaro can be fought back!


Digital dermatitis (DD), known as Mortellaro disease, is endemic in most dairy farms. The acute M2 stage is painful. Mortellaro disease causes many problems.

Besides serious economic losses also animal welfare factors are at stake.

The usually applied antibiotic-containing spray does not fit in the current policy of resistance prevention and reduction of antibiotic usage.

At CowCare we work with treatment protocols for our SPRAY&CARE and BATH&CARE. And most clients agree that when followed, the protocols also meet their expectations.

SPRAY&CARE is an attractive antibiotic-free alternative for existing therapies and used by more and more farmers and hoof trimmers.

For more information check our website: https://cowcare.eu/product/spraycare-liquid-for-spraying/

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