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The Hoof Tub footbath is very convenient to fill. In addition, this footbath can be quickly emptied with the locking switch, and in five minutes the foothbath is ready to work again. No difficult installations and it can be moved to another place easy.

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A footbath is one of the most important tools used on farms to prevent lameness and maintain claw health. When used properly and paired with a disinfectant as for example BATH&CARE offered by CowCare, a footbath can prevent and control various bacterial infectious diseases on dairy farms.

We at CowCare advise a footbath with a length of at least 3 meters. To get this done, we offer this foot bath in the lengths of 2 meter, 2,5 meter and 3 meter. These can be put behind eachother to make a longer foot bath, so you can be sure all cows get treated correct.

The cows will go through the Hoof Tub Foothbath more calmly, which promotes longer contact, achieving a better result. The shape and height of the profile ensure that the cow’s hoof is slightly spread, allowing to hoofbath reach areas between claws, where it will be most effective, more easily.

Get the most out of footbath product and starting with a clean footbath. Hoof Tub Foothbath can easy to clean  and re-prepare footbath ready to use.

Product features at a glance

  • Easy to clean and ready to use
  • Quick opening / locking system
  • Farmer friendly (no tipping)
  • Cow friendly
  • Stainsless steel
  • High impact strength
  • Easy wash rubber
  • Anti-slip base for safe
  • Rapid emty
  • No chemical wastage
  • Footbath is especially resistant to various liquids
  • Quick and easy way to clean and disinfect cattle’s feet
  • Capacity 200 ltr
  • Size – 200 x 83.5 x 18 cm
  • Available in 2, 2.5 and 3 meter length.


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