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Marktleider in de verkoop van klauwbekapboxen
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208, 2020

CowCare goes on summer holidays!


We would like to inform you that CowCare will be closed for summer holidays from August 17th till August 28th.
Take into account that also our warehouse will be closed and no products can be sent out. So please make your order in time!
For urgent spare parts you can contact us by Whatsapp 00371 2917 2713.
Have a great summer,
CowCare Team
2407, 2020

Satisfied clients using DD-Delete in Latvia


This week we have visited several dairy farms in Latvia. The larger farms all have invested in (hydraulic) hoof trimming chutes and have their own vet or hoof trimmer doing the trimming. Especially in the reconstructed farms from the Soviet time we see more issues with digital dermatitis. Most of our clients now have changed from using antibiotics to using DD-Delete, with very good results. DD-Delete stays on the skin for a far longer period and this gives the ingredients the possibility to do their work for a longer time. As one of our clients mentioned: “Miracles do happen sometimes, just use DD-Delete”. More info about DD-Delete you can find here: DD-DELETE

2107, 2020

Meet Elina, our new sales manager for the Scandinavian market!


The Scandinavian market is a growing market for CowCare. Therefor we have decided to add Elina Freimane to our team to give a better service to all our clients in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Besides the Scandinavian market, Elina also will put extra effort in the Baltic market for CowCare & CowGenetics with special focuss on Latvia and Lithuania, till the time our colleague Liene Bahmane will be back in office.

In the coming weeks Elina will introduce herself to our Scandinavian clients. Feel free to contact her if you have questions, requests or would like to order products. You can contact her by phone/Whatsapp 00371 2865 1506 or by email on: scandinavia@cowcare.eu .

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De specialisten in klauwverzorging

Van Letland tot Brazilië, van Nieuw-Zeeland tot IJsland – CowCare is wereldwijd bekend vanwege haar drie kernwaarden: service, kwaliteit en kennis op het gebied van klauwverzorging. Wij zijn er trots op dat we door onze klanten “de specialisten in klauwverzorging” worden genoemd.  Sinds 2007 is CowCare één van de marktleiders geworden in de Europese markt op het gebied van de verkoop van klauwbekapboxen en klauwbekap benodigdheden, vooral voor professionele klauwverzorgers, dierenartsen en grote melkveebedrijven wereldwijd.

Neem een kijkje bij onze professionele bekapboxen en producten en laat ons u adviseren op het gebied van de beste klauwverzorgingsproducten voor uw specifieke situatie.

Ons Team
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