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1507, 2019

CowCare trolley wheels


For the 800-1 hoof trimming chutes we already many years make our CowCare trolley wheels. But beginning this year we got a request from a Dutch hoof trimmer working with a WOPA SA0051 hydraulic hoof trimming chute, if we also could make a CowCare trolley wheel for his chute.

And ofcourse we also like a challenge, so we did that! In the movie you will find the result. It can be driven on the trailer in the way as shown in the movie, but also the other way around. How to position it, depends on the model of trailer.

For more information about the CowCare Trolley Wheel you can found here: CowCare Trolley Wheel  

If it would also fit on your chute, contact us by email (info@cowcare.eu) or by Whatsapp/Telephone.

1107, 2019

Echemer Sommertagung Klaue 2019


On the 5th of July we participated at the Echemer Sommertagung Klaue 2019.

As in previous years, we welcomed already known and new clients at our booth.

The visitors (hoof trimmer, farmers and veterinarians) were offered an exciting and practice-oriented program of specialist lectures and workshops on current topics in the field of hoof health, claw care and work life balance.

At the same time, we demonstrated our products, services and news “around hoof trimming”.

A big thank you to the well managed organization of the LBZ Echem and to all the people who showed interest in our company and booth.

Thank you.

Your CowCare team

807, 2019

Client review: Digital dermatitis/Mortellaro a problem?


The following pictures we got in from one of our clients; before and after applying DD-Delete to a digital dermatitis. Fast and simple within 14 days after one time applying. Results count!

For more information about this product check our website here: DD-DELETE

For ordering contact us by email (info@cowcare.eu) or by Whatsapp/Telephone.

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