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1209, 2019

Question from one of our clients: “How does the WHITE LINE DD-Delete look like?”


We can answer that question quickly. See below picture.

In the last 2 weeks we have seen a lot of clients interested in this care product. For the ones which haven’t tried it yet; the action is still valid in combination with the DD-DELETE.

First want to read a bit more about the product? Also possible:
For WHITE LINE DD-DELETE => https://cowcare.eu/product/white-line-dd-delete-care-product-hoof-trimming/
For DD-DELETE => https://cowcare.eu/product/dd-delete-care-product-hoof-trimming/

Or contact us directly for questions or ordering.

409, 2019

CowCare were present at the Finnish Hoof Trimmers meeting


Last week CowCare were present at the Finnish Hoof Trimmers meeting in Kuopio area, Finland. A good amount of interested hoof trimmers. Different hoof trimming chutes were presented and for CowCare we showed the Alu-Hooftrimmer CC01 and the CC02 Hoof Trimming Crushes. Big thanks for Jouko, Marko and Heli for their support, trimming and showing their Alu-Hooftrimmers. And thanks of course for the organisation which made this possible.
2208, 2019

HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH 650-SP3 now online!


It took some time, but you can now also find all details about the newest hoof trimming chute 650-SP3 on our website. This chute developed for professional hoof trimmers is a good option for start ups. With the full option package which is also nuild on the 800-1, but for a far sharper price, we expect a lot of this hoof trimming chute in the market. At the moment we have several already working in the field.

With the low weight of 930 kilograms it is easy moveable chute and can be expanded to a fast set up with the 200-0 gate system and the CowCare trolley wheel.

Read more about this chute here: 650-SP3 (H) HOOF TRIMMING CRUSH/CHUTE FOR COWS

Er zijn momenteel geen aanstaande evenementen.

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Van Chili tot Rusland, van Noorwegen tot India – CowCare is wereldwijd bekend vanwege haar drie kernwaarden: service, kwaliteit en kennis. Wij zijn er trots op dat we door onze klanten “de specialisten in klauwverzorging” worden genoemd. Sinds 2007 is CowCare één van de marktleiders geworden in de Europese markt op het gebied van de verkoop van klauwbekapboxen en klauwbekap benodigdheden.

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