Today we delivered the first Alu-Hooftrimmer CC02 to a client in the Elzas a region of France. This is the first one with our newest heavy axle with independent brake system. An innovative brake system easy and fast to remove when you want to start trimming within two minutes. Ofcourse it comes with a COC which can be registered Europe wide on numberplate.
The Alu-Hooftrimmer CC02 has also the improved front gate which is updated already last year. The back leg fixation ensures a comfortable position also for older cows, because the backlegs are less elevated then in standard Dutch model chutes. Standard is also the 5 function remote control and a whole list of other functions like doors in the large alloy gates etc. The hydraulics can be adjusted in speed for every function individually. Also good to know, this fully equipped chute with elevator, alluminium gates, heavy axle, wheels and brake weighs only 949 kilogram!

Interested in this chute? Read more here: Alu-Hooftrimmer CC02
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