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SA0035 (M-E) Klauwbekapbox

Manual hoof trimming crush which is fully galvenized. Designed with slowed-down and secured winches for the back legs and the belly band. Also with rolling wheel with bearings and a nylon leg strap nat the end of the crush. The crush is delivered with a thick wooden floor (38 mm) and is equiped with front leg support.

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Manual crush which can be pulled by a car. With a torsion spring axle. The crush can easy be put from transport into working condition with a single handle movement. The SA0035 is equiped with slowed-down winches, secured against backwards working. Complete with lightning, spare tyre, rolling wheel with bearings, belly band, legstrap, thick wooden floor (38 mm). Removeable pole and fully galvanized. Especially popular under veterinaries and farmers with cows on more locations.

Weight: 350 kilogram



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Available Options

  • SA0220 Fixing attachment to fasten the back legs
  • SA0225 Back bar with gas springs for better fixation of back legs
  • SA0659 Floor wideners
  • RD03526 Rubber floor mattras
  • RD52028 Metal gates (2 mtr) at end of crush
  • RD57010 Alloy gates (2 mtr) at end of crush
  • WA3010 Wide belly band (with or without rubber)
  • SA0500 Front leg support holders with hand winches
  • SA0340 Transport wheel + holders for transport in farm
  • SA0780 Small transport tires for transport in farm
  • SA0250 Front gate operating attachment
  • SA0328 Electric motor for backleg and frontleg (heavy duty)
  • RD03550 Tool tray, flex holder, cable reel and power sockets (220V)