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SA0049 (H) Klauwbekapbox

This hydraulic hooftrimming crush has a silent engine working on 380 Volt, 16A. It has hydraulic functions for the belly bands (2x), front legs (only SP2), back legs (only SP2) and an elevator for the crush with cow (40 cm). Standard equipped with working lights around. The double belly band makes it possible to trim all 4 legs at once.

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    This has been achieved by combining the (hot-dip galvanized) frame from our SA0051 Trim-Master with the simple hydraulic construction of our SA0039 box.
    The following functions are carried out hydraulically:

  • Hind leg
  • Front leg
  • Belly strap
  • Rear gate
  • Transport axle
A significant advantage of this model over other models is that brakes are not required which allows for easy setup and disassembly. Another benefit is the highly reliable hydraulic system. However, the disadvantage of this trailed model is it does not allow for optional equipment as it would exceed the 750 kg weight limit. Those who desire additional options are invited to discover the SA0051 Trim Master from our range.