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The model 1000-1 hoof trimming crush for bulls is built to accommodate livestock weighing 500-2000 kg and is developed especially for the larger animals, primarily bulls.

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Where quick and effective hoof trimming is required for larger animals like bulls, the 1000-1 hoof trimming crush is the ideal solution for every hoof trimmer. The 1000-1 hoof trimming chute is developed with 30 years of experience and meets all the requirements and future demands of farmers and hoof trimmers. Its operational reliability and well-established construction make it one of the best crushes in the world. Hence, the crush is number one under hoof trimmers in Scandinavia.

The 1000-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush has a fully hydraulic control of all functions and is well known for its effective and ergonomic hoof fixation. It is possible to treat all 4 legs at the same time, which makes it one of the fastest crushes available. Moreover, the 1000-1 is standard equipped with hydraulic functions for the front gate, belly band winch (double belly bands), back door, elevator for complete crush with cow (55 cm), leg winches back and front legs, leg fixation plates and a front winch for pulling in a cow and loading on a trailer.

Model 1000-1 is constructed for cows and bulls between 500 and 2000 kg. To avoid injuries to the cow or cattle, all hydraulic functions are damped in the hydraulic pressure. There is taken consideration to ergonomic operating positions as the crush can be personal adjusted in height ensuring an ergonomic work position.

This crush fulfils the heavy demands of the Machine Directive 98/37/EEC of the European Union.

Product features at a glance

  • Efficient setup and ergonomic work position
  • Hydraulic front gate
  • Hydraulic double belly band winch
  • Hydraulic elevator for crush (>55cm)
  • Hydraulic front leg winches
  • Hydraulic back leg winches
  • Hydraulic leg fixation plates (front + back)
  • Front winch for pulling in a cow and loading on a trailer
  • Can be customized with several extras

Standard options

  • Efficient and ergonomic hoof restraint
  • Hydraulic front gate
  • Hydraulic back gate
  • Hydraulic belly band winch
  • Hydraulic front winch
  • Lift for lifting the crush + cow
  • Hydraulic front leg winches
  • Hydraulic back leg winches
  • Adjustable hoof support plates
  • Painted

Available Options

  • This hoof trimming crush can be equipped with many different extensions and options. Please, contact one of our team members and we will help you customize the crush so it fully fulfills your needs.


  • Lenght 305 cm
  • Width 155 cm
  • Height 190 cm
  • Height, on supporting legs 196-219 cm
  • Height on wheels 225-238 cm
  • Entrance 94 x 185 cm
  • Weight 1250 kg
  • Electric motor 5,5 kW


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