The Extended U-trailer (double axle) makes loading and unloading any ANKA hoof trimming chute fast and easy. This trailer comes equipped with space in the front for easy storage for your ANKA MOVER and additional alloy gates. The weight of this combination including the chute, catching fold, ANKA MOVER, and the trailer itself is 1900 kilograms.

This is the perfect combination for transporting ANKA hoof trimming crushes, and the easiest way for getting the crush to the hoof trimming area.

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How to transport your hoof trimming chute is a very important topic because this has a direct influence on the time you spend on setting up your hoof trimming chute. Make it easy for yourself and choose the Extended U-Trailer with a double axle. Strong, sustainable, and if fits with all ANKA PRO chutes + for example the High-Performance Integrated Barrier.

The Extended U-trailer is developed to carry the PRO 2.0, PRO ACCUMULATOR, or PRO VARIATOR hoof trimming chutes with or without gates system, easy and secure from farm to farm. 

Are you looking for a setup at the farm without using electricity? Yes, that’s possible. The combination of an ANKA PRO Accumulator hoof trimming chute, with a gate system, an ANKA MOVER, and the Extended U-trailer makes it possible to load and unload without electricity.

The double axle on this ANKA trailer is very strong and made to carry up to 3 times the weight of an ANKA PRO hoof trimming chute. The large extra strong wheels make it suitable for all kinds of roads, also off-road. Of course, the trailer is equipped with a braking system.

The special U-shape makes it easy to load and unload the chute from the trailer. Loading or unloading takes less than a minute. 

The Extended U-trailer comes with a COC (Certificate of Conformity), which makes it possible to register in any country in the European Union. It is also possible to get it with a Dutch export number plate if you prefer that.   

At CowCare we go two steps further than the competition. We are specialists in finding the exact model of hoof trimming chute which fits your specific situation. Way of trimming, way of transport, cow flow, just a small part of the whole list of topics that need to be discussed when investing in a new hoof trimming chute. And seeing, working and feeling a hoof trimming chute before buying it is very important! Therefore, if you want to see one of the hydraulic hoof trimming chutes working with this Extended U-trailer in reality and/or you want to try it out, contact your personal manager or CowCare ( directly and we will arrange it!

Product features at a glance

  • Loading and unloading in less than a minute.
  • All ANKA PRO models fit on this trailer.
  • Axles can hold up to 3000 kilogram.
  • Double axle system. 
  • Fully galvanized. 
  • Large wheels also for off-road conditions.
  • LED lights.

Standard delivered with

  • Spare tyre

Available Options

  • Gate holder on front of trailer


  • Length: 485 cm
  • Width: 221 cm
  • Height: 191,5 cm (without chute)
  • Empty weight: 590 kg
  • Towing capacity car needs to be: 1900 kilogram or more 
  • Maximum speed: 100 km/h

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