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The CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm) WrapCutter

The CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm) WrapCutter is a tool for removing wraps/bandages from cow legs or claws without adding or injuring the cow or the user. The blade is made from stainless-steel and only sharpened at the contact point blade and wrap. The shape of the CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm) allows cutting the bandage from multiple angles.

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The CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm) WrapCutter comes with a rounded tip to make it easier for the blade to slip into a wrap/bandage and cause no injury to the cow. Further, the length of the CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm) allows the farmer or hoof trimmer to work from a distance, greatly reducing the chance of being kicked or hit from the cow.

The comfortable 60cm handle works best in the milking parlor for removing wraps/bandages from the front and back feet. The CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm) can also be used in free-stall barns or when the cows are standing with a headlock near the feeding area. This WrapCutter is quick and easy to use.

The CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm) WrapCutter is also available with an extra 60cm extension which can be screwed in to reach a length of 120cm. This allows you to work even comfortably from a greater distance. See also that CowCare Bandage Remover (120cm).

The CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm) WrapCutter is a must tool for farmers and an ideal product for hoof trimmers to sell or give to their clients after they have trimmed their herd. As a professional hoof trimmer, you know that curing a cow is only possible if it walks no longer then up to 5 days with a wrap/bandage. Therefore, inform your clients and recommend them to use a CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm).

Product features at a glance

  • Removes fast and safe wraps and bandages
  • A must-have tool for farmers and hoof trimmer


  • Blade: 2.5 mm thick, hardness of steel: 50-56, 420 grade with high carbon, razor edge also called J2 steel
  • Pipe: Stainless steel hard pipe 7.5cm long
  • Wood: 26 mm thick white berry wood 60cm long without blade
  • Bolts: steel bolts


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