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CowCare Disc Aluminium, open Hoof Trimming Disc

The CowCare Disc Aluminium, open is made of aluminium and was created by hoof trimmers, for hoof trimmers. Furthermore, the CowCare Disc Aluminium, open is equipped with six changeable knives (14x14x2 mm) of which each has 4 cutting edges and can be easily replaced. Yield time up to 3 months depending on use rate and user.

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A good working hoof trimming disc is essential in today’s hoof care. Therefore, a hoof trimming disc must be of high quality to make the work for the hoof trimmer and the cow secure and easy. It does not only support the safety at work, but in the long-run it also saves costs.

The CowCare Disc Aluminium, open with six changeable knives (14x14x2 mm) offers the professional hoof trimmer high efficiency, productivity as well as an overview and should only be used by experienced hoof trimmers.


Overview and flexibility

The printed numbers and the mark on the changeable knives, help the hoof trimmer to keep a good overview, while changing or replacing the changeable knifes.

  • Easy and fast exchange of knives
  • Very precise and clean cut which supports the detection of potential claw defects


Yield time

The high-quality changeable knives which are provided can be replaced and exchanged after an increased usage. This does not only provide a longevity, but it also allows high flexibility when changing the blunted and broken knives.

Besides, the CowCare Disc Aluminium, open is made of high-quality aluminium and is additionally protected by a long-lasting alloy.

  • Made of long-lasting and resistant materials
  • Changeable knives with four cutting edges


Efficiency and Sustainability

The structure of the CowCare Disc Aluminium, open helps the hoof trimmer to achieve a high removal of the claw chips. The symmetric arrangement of the changeable knives leaves the hoof trimmer a high smoothness and a clean cut when trimming the claws. Additionally, the material properties of the used aluminium provide the CowCare Disc Aluminium, open with longevity and a high hardness while reducing the overall weight while wearing horn off even at a minimum level of pressure.

  • Low cost per cow
  • Wears horn even at low pressure (enormous removal rate)
  • No dust, but big chips
  • No (over) heating of the claw
  • Shorter working time
  • No odour and dust
  • Smooth and no vibration (symmetrical arrangement of changeable knives)
  • Used changeable knives are three times more durable than conventional steel


Product features at a glance

  • Open
  • Diameter: 115 mm
  • Very robust and made from long-lasting material
  • Comes with high-quality changeable knives (usable on four sides)
  • Recommended speed for best efficiency: 10,000 per minute
  • Very aggressive/enormous removal (large chips)
  • Also suitable for experienced farmers



  • Best results are achieved with a speed of 10.000 per minute
  • For learning hoof trimmers; a hoof trimming disc which is less aggressive is recommended
  • Cutting out the egg shape is possible, open edges
  • The aggressiveness of the abrasion performance differs with the disc and the height of the used knives
  • Recommended for experienced hoof trimmers and farmers
  • Is the disc too aggressive? Then use the disc on a hard-wood piece to take away its aggressiveness



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