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CowCare FARMER hoof trimming disc is meant for farmers that do hoof trimming themselves. The disc is made of anodised alluminium and has 2 mm inserts. Because of the open design it is fast and smooth and you can see the sole.

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The CowCare FARMER hoof trimming disc is made with a special design after long testing with professional hoof trimmers. The FARMER hoof trimming disc is an open disc with 6 inserts and a diameter of 115 mm. It is suitable on almost all angle grinders in the market. Required power to use it is a 1000 Watt angle grinder.

Efficiency and Sustainability

The design of the CowCare FARMER hoof trimming disc helps the hoof trimmer to achieve a high removal of claw chips. The symmetric placing of the 6 inserts ensures a smooth and clean cut of the sole. The FARMER hoof trimming disc is made of anodised alluminium, giving it a longer life span then the standard alluminium hoof trimming discs in the market.

  • Low cost per cow.
  • Takes horn off even at low pressure.
  • No dust, but chips.
  • No overheating of the claw.
  • Shorter working time.
  • No odour and dust.
  • Smooth and no vibration (symmetrical arrangement of changeable knives).
  • Used changeable inserts are three times more durable then conventional steel.

Yield time

The high-quality changeable knives which are provided with the disc can be replaced and exchanged after an increased usage. This does not only provide a longevity, but it also allows high flexibility when changing the blunted and broken knives.

Besides, the CowCare FARMER hoof trimming disc, open is made of high-quality aluminium and is additionally protected by a long-lasting protection layer.

  • Made of long-lasting and resistant materials.
  • Changeable knives with four cutting edges.

Product features at a glance

  • Open
  • Diameter: 115 mm
  • Very robust and made from long-lasting material
  • Comes with high-quality changeable knives (usable on four sides)
  • Recommended speed for best efficiency: 10,000 turns per minute
  • Normal aggressivity and removal (smaller chips)
  • Also suitable for beginners
  • Available with changeable knife set: CowCare changeable inserts 2 mm


When buying this disc new, it is important to first try the disc on a block of wood. The aggresivity of the changeable knives will be take off a bit and you get a feeling how the discs feels in the hand.

It is important that the disc does not fall on the ground or hits the metal of the hoof trimming crush when working. This might cause the disc to break or come in unbalance.


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