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CowCare Trailer (Model 2015)

The CowCare trailer was developed to provide a complete system for an easy transport of a hoof trimming crush. Comes with gate holders, EU number plates, a front winch and street lights. Ideal for transporting an 800-1 or a 650-SP2 hoof trimming crush.

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CowCare´s vision includes a strive to develop new and more efficient products in cooperation with professional hoof trimmer. In 2014, CowCare developed the first CowCare trailer model which was continuously improved over the past years.

  • The CowCare trailer (Model 2014) with gate holders
    • All gates of the 200-1 lead-in pen fit on the trailer
  • The CowCare trailer (Model 2014) fully equipped with an 800-1 hoof trimming crush.
    • The 200-1 gate system and the CowCare trolley wheel fit also on the trailer
  • The newest model CowCare trailer (2015)
    • The weight distribution was improved
    • A separate holding place for the CowCare Trolley Wheel was added to ensure a more safe and stable fixation of the crush while transport.

The newest CowCare trailer model comes with gate holders, an extra place for the CowCare Trolley wheel and enough room for safely transporting an hoof trimming chute:

The trailer comes with added gate holders, allowing the transport of a 200-1 lead-in pen.

In addition, the CowCare trailer comes with an export number plate; on request!

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