Demotec Easy Bloc® kit 36 pcs.

An innovative new easy-to-use hoof blocking kit. The Demotec Easy Bloc® kit 36 pcs.comes with left and right blocks, liquid and powder. Takes the weight off the injured claw to allow a more rapid recovery; simply fill the shoe with liquid, sprinkle with powder and apply to hoof.

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Product Description

The Demotec Easy Bloc® kit 36 pcs. includes all necessities for 36 applications; liquid, blocks, powder and spatula. The included Demotec Easy Bloc® is an innovative new hoof block design. This as a shoe designed hoof block is based on the anatomy of the hoof to help minimize lameness and achieve a fast and easy recovery. Cost-efficient and easy to use solution for a professional claw treatment.


Product features at a glance

  • Holds 36 applications
  • Protects from light and store in a cool place
  • Offers a fast, easy-to-use and safe cure for injured hooves

Instructions for use

Trim and treat the injured claw as needed. Pour 35 ml of liquid into a beaker, to which the contents of one sachet (70 g powder) should be added. Thoroughly mix the compound with the provided spatula. Within seconds, a mass is produced which is easy to model and does not glue to the hands. Now, the mass is applied directly to both the sole of the claw and the preferred block. Both, the claw and the block bond and the mass can be modelled around the wall of the claw. Let the glue set and dry then release the cow or cattle.


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