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GEL&CARE hoof gel

GEL&CARE is a claw care product from CowCare, used for individual treatment during hoof trimming. This product is especially made as an individual care product of claw diseases like digital dermatitis (Mortellaro) and interdigital dermatitis in bovine and ovine animals.

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GEL&CARE  is a unique product in dairy farming and is now globally known as the gel of choice to deal with claw problems. GEL&CARE  is now the standard of care in many countries for controlling Digital Dermatitis. From Canada to Russia: GEL&CARE is now used across the globe and is an antibiotic-free answer to many claw problems. GEL&CARE is particularly popular with professional hoof trimmers because it is easy to use and penetrates deeply into the core of the inflammation. GEL&CARE  also prevents the hoof trimmer from working in antibiotic fumes all day, which may be detrimental to the hoof trimmer’s health.

Usage instruction:

  • Trim the claw if necessary.
  • Clean and dry the claws before applying, including the interdigital space.
  • Apply GEL&CARE sufficiently on the infected spot.
  • Use our TAPE&CARE bandages to cover the treated area. Don’t forget to remove the bandages within 5 days! You can use for that the CowCare Bandage Remover (60cm) WrapCutter or CowCare Bandage Remover (120cm) WrapCutter.
  • In case of very severe infections, a second time applying of the product can be needed.

Product features at a glance

  • Individual treatment of Digital Dermatitis/Mortellaro
  • Easy applicable after hoof trimming
  • Maximal protection
  • Maximal adhesion
  • Perfect spreadability
  • Highly concentrated
  • Economic in use
  • Still works after contact with manure
  • Antibiotic free
  • Packaging: 300ml
  • Composition:Chelated minerals, organic acids, stabilizers and binding agent


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