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Hoof-Tite Applicator Gun for (200/210 ml) Adhesive Glue Cartridges

The manual Hoof-Tite Applicator Gun holds 200/210 ml 2-component cartridges and forces the two components manually through a static mixing tip system. With the right adhesive dispensing equipment, simply squeeze the handles of this manual dispenser gun to apply bonding materials easily, effectively and waste free.

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Adhesive dispensing equipment helps the hoof trimmer to make the use of the fast-setting adhesive easy, by allowing a precise application onto hoof blocks. The Hoof-Tite Applicator Gun is ideal for use with Hoof-Tite (MAX-MIX , HOT and COLD) adhesive cartridges or other 200/210 ml adhesive cartridges.

The Hoof-Tite Applicator Gun ensures accuracy and control while working. Its durable design allows the cartridges to lock into place to prevent it from falling out. The use of a manual one hand-held glue gun offers the user the possibility to hold a wooden block in one hand while applying the 2-component material on the block or cow claw.

The Hoof-Tite Applicator Gun saves you time while working with fast setting materials as it mixes the material automatically through a mixing tip free of messes and wasting any materials.

Product features at a glance

  • One hand-held glue
  • Increased flexibility
  • Fits the 200/210 ml 2 chamber cartridges
  • Allows the right amount of pressure on both sides of the cartridge
  • Precise application of glue onto hoof blocks or claw
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal waste and free of messes
  • Made of durable, long-lasting materials


Instructions for use

First, place a 200/210ml cartridge into the Hoof-Tite Applicator Gun. Now, remove the fastener on the cartridge and connect the Mixing Tip. Equalize the cartridge by pointing the cartridge straight up; then squeeze the handle to remove any air bubbles.

Now, eject a small amount of glue. This must be done so that the two components mix as optimally as possible. Now, apply a bead of adhesive onto a block. Place the block quickly onto the pre-prepared, clean and dry, healthy claw. A heat gun can be used to dry the claw.

After around 30 seconds, the glue will have set, and after around 2-3 minutes, the claw can weight-bear again. For the greatest result, the claw must be clean and dry. Leave the mixing tip in place until the next use. Replace with a new mixing tip before each new exercising.

A well-prepared claw contributes to a good and stable adhesion of the adhesive. The claw can also be roughened to increase the adhesive power. The used mixing tip may remain on the cartridge after use. The glue in the mixing tip cures and seals the cartridge. For the next application, a new mixing tip must be used. When pressing the block against the claw, do not work with too much pressure, as the adhesive layer will otherwise become too thin and no optimal adhesive bond can be created.



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