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Hoof-Tite Safe Block 12.5 cm

Very flexible, wears long and stays in good shape. The Hoof-Tite Safe Block provides unbeatable traction on wet or slippery surfaces as well as high wearing comfort when blocking cows or cattle. These blocks are slightly longer than the standard wooden blocks, to give extra support. Bond easily with hoof glue, like the one from Hoof-Tite.

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Hoof-Tite Safe Block is a new generation of hoof blocks developed for professional hoof trimming. The Safe Block is made from a rubber compound to fulfil the high requirements of the professional treatment of lameness and other hoof problems of cows and cattle.

Due to the used rubber compound, the Hoof-Tite Safe Block delivers an unbeatable traction as well as a longer durability compared to wooden blocks, while remaining flexible and providing decompression. To be precise, this safe block assures a strong grip on wet or slippery surfaces and, at the same time, offers a comfortable wearing experience to the cow. Hence, the Hoof-Tite Safe Block provides additional top-of-the-line protection and comfort to your cows during the healing process.

The surface pattering of the Hoof-Tite Safe Block allows a use with all bi-component polyurethane adhesives on the market such as the Hoof-Tite (COLD or Max-Mix) adhesive. Moreover, the unique square surface pattering ensures a solid connection between the Safe Block and the used two-component adhesive. In addition, the Safe Block is slightly longer (12.5 cm) than the standard wooden blocks and comes with a universal fit enabling to fit either on the right or left side of the claw. To give extra support on the heel.

Product features at a glance

  • Size: 12.5 cm
  • Made from a high-quality rubber compound
  • Unbeatable traction on wet and slippery surfaces
  • Longer durability compared to wooden blocks
  • Used with common adhesive such as Hoof-Tite glues
  • Stays flexible after it was applied
  • Immediate effect on balancing the claw

Functionality & Animal Welfare

Hoof-Tite Safe Block contributes to the healing process of the treated claw and to the correction of lameness coming from pedal disorders with instant effect on static and dynamic balance of the animal. Hoof-Tite Safe Block reduces significantly pain and stress coming from inflammation, necrosis and other pathological processes. That plague the claw and particularly the distal of the hooves. A healthy cow produces more and better.


Hoof-Tite Safe Block is longer than a normal wooden block, it covers the heel, providing an excellent support to the claw by reducing strains on the flexor tendons.


Hoof-Tite Safe Block is made from a high-quality rubber compound, the material is highly abrasion resistant but is flexible for excellent comfort during the walk.


Hoof-Tite Safe Block can be applied with all polyurethane adhesives available on the market. The small cylindrical ridges maintain a constant distance from the surface of hoof, allowing best adhesion performance. The thickness of the glue layer remains uniform also in case of sudden movements of the animal or excessive pressure of the operator.

Resistance & Grip

Hoof-Tite Safe Block is made of high resistance rubber compound and proven on various types of flooring (gratings cement, full cement, rubber, litter). The abrasion is insignificant and even after three weeks, the thickness remains unchanged, even in contact with the more abrasive and hard surfaces. Hence, the Hoof-Tite Safe Block ensures a superior support sensitivity and adhesion. Even on wet or slippery surfaces the cow maintains a perfect grip on the ground unreachable with normal wooden blocks.


The average time of stay on the animal is three weeks with an yet unknown maximum.

Instructions for use

Trim the hoof creating a supporting surface. Roughen the surface of the hoof with the curl of the knife, rasp or flex, creating parallel and crossed cuts. Heat the hoof with a heating gun or hair dryer. Now, apply two parallel strips of glue on the Hoof-Tite Safe Block and place immediately on hoof aligning the straight side with the inner wall, leaving 0.5 cm protruding besides the heel. Check the correct positioning, speed up the glue drying process with a heating gun or hair dryer and release the cow.


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