ANKA FARM 2.0 hydraulic hoof trimming chute is a must-have chute for modern dairy farmers who are looking for a highly ergonomic, versatile, sturdy and powerful solution for their hoof trimming needs.

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The FARM 2.0 hydraulic hoof trimming chute is a powerful and efficient solution for every dairy farmer who has 1000 cows or more. The ANKA FARM 2.0 hoof trimming chute is the top-seller in the biggest farms of the USA, Mexico, Europe and Saudi Arabia. It provides the same working standard as ANKA’S Professional models, adapted to fixed farm trim necessities. 

The FARM 2.0 chute is highly versatile as it has one electric socket and two fixed ones, it has valve levers, crush legs, rope guide rail, wired remote control for the front gate and USB loading connection.

Durability and quality is one of many strenghts of the FARM 2.0 with its 100% stainless steel construction, high resistance ropes (Dyneema) and the special hydraulic oil (HVLP-46) which is designed to perform in extreme climates.

The ANKA FARM 2.0 is developed with 30 years of experience and co-development with its clients, therefore it meets all the requirements and future demands of dairy farms. Its operational reliability and well-established construction make it one of the best crushes for dairy farmers in the world.

The FARM 2.0 hoof trimming chute provides optimal comfort to cows during the hoof trimming process, both because of the double belly band system and the excellent leg fixation. This ensures a smooth and safe hoof trimming experience for the cow and the hoof trimmer.

The elevator which rises up to 73 cm makes this chute comfortable and ergonomic for every hoof trimmer, no matter the chute operator’s height, as you are able to work with a straight back and neck, ensuring a natural and comfortable trimming position.

All ANKA chutes are made by hoof trimmers for hoof trimmers. This means feedback and input from our clients is greatly appreciated and used in improving new chutes or developing additional options which can be built on the chute that already is in the market. 

Cow’s welfare is a key aspect in the design of this and any other ANKA hydraulic hoof trimming chute. The excellent 5 point leg fixation ensures a safe environment for the cow. Double belly bands ensure maximum comfort and less stress for the cow. Secure, fast, and dampened hydraulics make the time for trimming short. A win-win-win situation for the cow, the hoof trimmer, and the dairy farmer.

This chute is CE approved, which means that it fulfills the strict rules of the European Machine Directive.

Because of the sustainable way the ANKA FARM 2.0 is built, it is easy to maintain which means that there are low yearly costs for parts that are used on the chute. For example, there are 12 greasing points with a greaser for easy maintenance.

If you happen to need spare parts for your chute, you can contact your personal manager or the support manager at CowCare (support@cowcare.eu). We ensure fast shipping of spare parts from different locations in Europe directly to you. 

At CowCare we go two steps further than the competition. We are specialists in finding the exact model of hoof trimming chute which fits for your specific need. The way of trimming and managing cow flow, as well as transport are just a small part of the whole list of topics that need to be discussed when investing in a new hoof trimming chute. And seeing the chute in work to get the feeling of the chute before buying it is also very important! Therefore, if you want to see the ANKA FARM 2.0  hydraulic hoof trimming chute in reality and/or you want to try it out, contact your personal manager or CowCare (info@cowcare.eu) directly and we will try to arrange it!

Product features at a glance

  • Fully hydraulic
  • Crush lifting up to 73 cm
  • Stainless steel
  • Silent motor pump helicoidal- 9,6 CC
  • Fast, safe and ergonomic
  • Curtains available
  • Switchboard protection
  • Adaptations for bulls available as professional models
  • Not movable

Standard equipped with

  • Wired remote control for front gate
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Dyneema ropes (highly resistant)
  • 1 rotating electric socket for the grinder + 2 fixed sockets
  • On chute switchboard with necessary electric protections
  • USB loading connection
  • Special oil for extreme climates HLVP-46
  • Rubber joints and gaskets in every cylinder
  • Special inside height – comfortable for cow
  • Fixing positions to fix it to basement
  • Electrical wire connectors
  • CE mark


  • Weight: 850 kg
  • Measures: 2265 x 2125 x 1580 mm
  • Three-phase 4 kWe motor


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