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Hoof trimming Disc with 6 knives

Hoof trimming Disc with 6 knives. The inner ring can be changed. Grinding disc for the professional hoof trimmer. 2 mm inserts.

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Hoof trimming Disc with 6 knives comes with a lot of horn. Hoof trimming Disc with 6 knives has 4 cutting edges and can be easily replaced. Higher control of the chips traffic. The Disc with 6 knives is expensive to buy but inexpensive to use because it contains 6 blades with 3 cutting edges and 2 blade is used at a time. Required power 1000W and comes with 2 mm inserts. Grinding disc removes a lot of horn and is only to be operated by experienced hoof trimmer.

Efficiency and Sustainability

The structure of the Hoof trimming Disc with 6 knives, closed helps the hoof trimmer to achieve a high removal of the claw chips. The symmetric arrangement of the changeable knives leaves the hoof trimmer with a high smoothness and a clean cut when trimming the claws. Additionally, the material properties of the used aluminium provide the Hoof trimming Disc with 6 knives, closed with longevity and a high hardness while wearing horn off even at a minimum level of pressure.

  • Low cost per cow
  • Wears horn even at low pressure (enormous removal rate)
  • No dust, but big chips
  • No (over) heating of the claw
  • Shorter working time
  • No odour and dust
  • Smooth and no vibration (symmetrical arrangement of changeable knives)
  • Used changeable knives are three times more durable than conventional steel

Product features at a glance

  • Contains 6 blades with 4 cutting edges
  • 2 blade is used at a time
  • Required power 1000W


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