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Kruuse Hoof Gel (500 ml) with 38 % salicylic acid Hoof Care

Kruuse Hoof gel is made from 38 % salicylic acid and Aloe Vera. The gel is used in the treatment of Digital Dermatitis for cows and cattle.

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Kruuse Hoof Gel is made from 38 % salicylic acid. Next to the fair amount of 38 % of salicylic acid, the formula contains Aloe Vera and other healing herbs. The ingredients of the Kruuse Hoof Gel ensure less risk when entering the eyes and respiratory tract. All this makes the Kruuse Hoof Gel to a good solution for the treatment of Digital Dermatitis/Mortellaro.

Besides the carefully chosen ingredients, the Kruuse Hoof Gel comes in a soft tube with a dosing unit which allows an easy dosage, what maximize output and allows a spot-on treatment. Number one decision for a professional claw treatment.


Product features at a glance

  • Contains 38 % salicylic acid and Aloe Vera
  • Easy to dosage
  • Less consumption per treatment
  • Less risk of inhalation or contact with eyes of salicylic acid
  • Packaging capacity 500 ml


Instructions for use

Clean the claw thoroughly before treatment! Use a hoof cleaner or similar tools to remove dirt and excrement. Keep cleaning until the claw and wound seems clean. Use some cotton wool and dry the area around the wound. Now apply the Kruuse Hoof Gel directly on the wound. It is recommended to finish with a claw bandage; a combination of a dressing and tape is commonly used to apply an effective and supportive claw bandage. The treatment with the Kruuse Hoof Gel can be repeated daily for 5-7 days after which a break is required.

IMPORTANT: The connection should be removed after a maximum of 48 hours.

The treatment can be repeated as needed, as described above.

Keep out of reach of children.



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